I Choose ME

Hello Honeybees,

“Put your oxygen mask on first before you try to help those around you”

Those are part of  the instructions that the flight attendant gives at the beginning of every flight.  The attendant is preparing us for what to do in case of an emergency…..

I like this analogy but I say don’t wait until there is an emergency…. Put your oxygen mask on NOW!!


Taking care of yourself is your first priority.  As women we are such nurturers that we tend to put others well-being ahead of our own.

But think about it, if we don’t take care of self, who will be around to care for our loved ones…..when we can’t?

We don’t have to be too selfish about it but we do have to be aware of it.  Take time to decompress from family, work, friends and other obligations

Take yourself to lunch and just enjoy YOU.

Have a massage or facial….ALONE… and turn OFF that cell phone.


Go to the bookstore, have a seat, pick up a book or magazine and just be.

Visit a museum

Go window shopping (don’t buy unless it’s already in the budget)

Take a walk on the river


Just Do Something For YOU      

Spend time with YOU

You’ll be a better a better mom, wife, sister, aunt, coworker and friend

You mind, body, spirit, and soul will thank you!!

Belinda Bee pic

What’s your favorite alone time activity?

Beewisdom – It’s not selfish to love yourself, and take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority.  It’s necessary! – Mandy Hale

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