Happy New Year Honeybees,

As we start 2016 most of us are making New Year resolutions, creating new vision boards and setting new goals.  We are starting new savings plans, new gratitude journals and prayer list. We are hitting the gym and eating right!!

Whew!!!  I’m tired already

Don’t get me wrong there are a number of things I mentioned above that I am actively doing.

Yes, I have a vision board.  I’ve had one for years

Yes, I have a gratitude journal. I’ve had one for years

Yes, I’m doing the weekly savings plan. This one is a first but hey, I’ve got to start somewhere

Yes, I am setting goals.  I can’t just be wandering into 2016 all willy nilly.

But what I will NOT do is let all of this stress me out.  There are too many other things that could do that… (I’m raising two brown teenage boys in a world that doesn’t seem to value their lives).  Just being honest!!

My gratitude journal & vision board bring a calmness to my life, they give me direction.

If any of these things are adding stress to your life then DON’T DO THEM.  If just the thought of creating a vision board makes your tired…..then that’s not the thing for you.  If the thought of going to the gym depresses you, find another way to drop those pounds.  I’ve been told something about… if you eat right that’s half the battle.

HNY image


Here’s a thought that one of my favorite pastors gave us Sunday at church…..Your goal, resolution or whatever you might want to call it for 2016 should be DO BETTER!!

DO BETTER than last year, whatever that looks like to you.  You tried to save $1,000 last year but only made it to $500…well this year DO BETTER… anything over $500 is better than last year.  Didn’t lose not one pound last year, well here is your chance to DO BETTER, if you drop 1 pound this year you did better.

Now don’t get lazy about the situation.  You get out what you put in!!

So at the end of 2016 if you are not happy then DO BETTER and put in the work!!!

BelindaBee pic


What is your DO BETTER for 2016?

Beewisdom- You Reap what you Sow!!!

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