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Hello Honeybees,

This year I have been really frugal with my coins when it comes to shopping.  Now that’s not to say that I haven’t bought anything but I’ve just been very purposeful in what I buy.  To ease my shopping urges….I thrift.

IMG_3390 (2)

This #OOTD was under $15

Tank – Target on clearance $3

Matching Skirt & Sweater- Goodwill $7.50

Necklace- Outlet Mall Destin, FL $3

IMG_3398 (2)

Here are some of MY favorite thrifting tips.

These tips make thrifting a fun shopping experience

I shop in the men’s section for shirts & sweaters

  • Don’t only shop in your size. Things will get all mixed up so shop the whole section, shop the whole store.
  • I shop year round. Yes I buy sweaters in July & tank tops in December.
  • If you see something you like put it in your cart, it will be gone if you don’t. Believe it or not people watch each other.
  • First, know your brands…Some brands I will not thrift. Mainly because I still don’t think it’s worth it and because it was probably on clearance at some point for cheaper than what I’m paying.  Also, how much longer will it hold up?
  • Second, know your brands…some designer brands will automatically grab my attention. If it’s a good brand, I know that it has the potential to last.  This is definitely quality or quantity.
  • Shop during off hours. I like to shop during the week when the store first opens.  There is less traffic and more room to move around.
  • Patience is a virtue. Take your time.
  • Dress for the occasion. T shirt & leggings are a must & slip on shoes.  My naked feet can NOT touch the floor.  And not all stores have dressing rooms so you might have to try on in the aisles.
  • I TRY to have a list but I’m not good at sticking to it. A piece really has to move me for me to buy it.
  • If it doesn’t fit…walk away. If you know that you are NOT good at getting things tailored or mended don’t buy it.  (raises hand)  You’ll just have more clutter in your closet.
  • This should be a given but…. WASH BEFORE YOU WEAR

Belinda Bee pic

Where do you like to thrift?

Beewisdom-   Thrifting: An Economical way to find fashion treasures

Photo credit: Nikki Gibbs

3 thoughts on “Thrift Tips

  1. I LOVE thrifting and consignment shopping for my clothing and accessories. People think I’ve spent a lot of money on it. No baby, I’m just that good lol. It’s actually my go to source now before I’ll go to a regular store. Great article and tips. You look like a million dollars rather than 15 lol.


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