Hello Honeybees,

Saturday I attended Clarissa Joi’s 3rd annual Vision Party.

I have been to vision board parties before so I knew what to expect or so I thought.

When I make my vision board I like to do it in peace and quiet. I like to take my time and be very intentional about the words & pictures that I choose. Boy was I in for a surprise. This experience was totally different. This was a real party….with a purpose. There was a prop station for pictures, continental breakfast and a live DJ.

Before we started working on our boards we were inspired by the speakers. Each speaker offered us the inspiration to that we needed to get in the right frame of mind. A vision board is more than just pretty pictures on a board.

Oginga Carr , our first speaker, gave us his 4 tips to win the day; drink 20oz of water, 20 min of body activation/movement, 20 minutes of reading (a real book), and 20 minutes of planning. All of these should happen BEFORE you pick up that cell phone.

Lisa Moore encouraged us to be our authentic selves, be focused and know your why and then do that.

Alex Matlock shared her journey of coming to the United States. Her story is so compelling. There were many nuggets to take from Alex but the one that rested in my spirit was “abandon your comfort zone with faith”

The last speaker was Felix Anderson. Felix is leading the movement to Wake Your Successful Self Up. He challenged us to create a personal mission statement.

After being inspired by the speakers it was Clarissa’s turn. She asked that we take one nugget from each speaker. Then she led us in a vision casting exercise.  This where things started to shift for me. I was now ready to create a vision board but this vision board would be specific to the blog.


By the end of the session I was truly inspired and ready to take action. You don’t want to miss the 2019 Vision Party because it gets better and better each year. Thank You Clarissa!

Beewisdom- The power of listening is different than the power of speaking – Alex Matlock


3 thoughts on “#2018VisionParty

  1. It was an awesome experience and I enjoyed connecting with everyone there, especially the speakers! I was at Clarissa’s vision board party last year and it was a joy to see her vision come to fruition! My vision board this year is completely different from last year and I love it!


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