Extending GRACE

Hello Honeybees,

Have you ever extended grace to someone? Has someone ever extended grace to you? What does it even mean to extend grace to someone?

Having something that you don’t deserve is God’s grace to us. He extends his grace to us every day but do we return that grace to those around us? Do we show compassion for others?

When I was going through a rough period in my life I had a manager at work that showed me GRACE. He didn’t have to because it truly wasn’t in his job description but he did. But because he did I was able to keep it together and not only survive but thrive. Fast forward 10 years later, I am in my former manager’s position. Someone needed me to extend that same grace to them. So what did I do, I extended it.  Just like me, this person was able to keep it together and survive. No rules were broken, but just knowing that someone in a position that has the power to make your life a little harder extends you grace takes a load off of your mind and spirit.

Sometime it’s not always easy to extend grace because you KNOW that person doesn’t deserve it. But guess what, that’s the time when YOU listen to that still small voice and do it anyway. Grace is a gift and who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Have you ever received a gift just because? That’s grace. We never know what someone is going through. You showing them grace might be the thing that they need to keep pushing forward. So the next time someone pisses up off, extend a little grace.

Be humble to others. You may be experiencing your mountain top moment but don’t forget that valley experience for it shall surely come again. Extend a hand to help those around you. Extend a hand to help lift someone else. You never know when that very hand will reach back to help you.

While you are extending GRACE to others remember to extend some grace to yourself. Free yourself from always having it together, from always trying to be perfect. We are not perfect people.  When you fail at something, give yourself some grace. The world did not end because you failed. Give yourself the freedom to learn from the failure and to keep it moving. If you can’t forgive YOU how can you forgive others?

I encourage you extend grace to someone, especially to you.


Beewisdom- I give grace because I so desperately need it. – Lysa Terkeurst

6 thoughts on “Extending GRACE

  1. Loved the post. We all have been extended grace at some time or other in our lives even when we didn’t deserve it. I’m thankful for His grace and thank you for reminding me to extend it to myself as well. 😘💕💚


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