Diner En Blanc

Hello Honeybees,

The inaugural Diner En Blanc Memphis is termine` & this Honeybee is tired. I’ve always wanted to attend a Diner En Blanc event especially after seeing them in other cities. Thanks to Instagram I’ve watched Diner En Blanc in NY, NJ and Baltimore but there is nothing like having my own personal experience.


First things first. What exactly is Diner En Blanc? That’s a blog post in itself. Click on this link to read about the history of the event and it’s traditions, which includes keeping the location secret.

Unless I’m waaaay out of the loop Memphians didn’t share the secret location, although I KNOW people had to know. Great job 901! Being in this public space overlooking the mighty Mississippi was symbolic. Thank you Victoria Young for bringing Diner En Blanc to not only Memphis but to Tennessee. Every detail was simply beautiful.

Second. This event is not for procrastinators. There is A LOT of planning that goes into making DEB an enjoyable experience. My table mate was my blogger boo Desiree at Mocha Divas. Our process was to divide & conquer. We split the preparations so that no one would be overwhelmed. We purchased our table,chairs & food from the e-store so that we wouldn’t have to transport them. Next year I’ll probably still get the table & chairs from the e-store but I’ll bring my own food.

Third. You must wear white. I was lucky that I had several white dresses to choose from so that part was easy. Next year I’ll look for something more flowly, it was H-O-T but that’s Memphis in the summer. Here are few of my favorites from the night



My shoe game happened by accident. I love it when that happens. What do think?

Fourth. There are rules to this process:

Transportation- we meet our awesome table leader at our designated location & WALKED to our secret location. It wasn’t far but… walking….in Memphis…in August, but it was all part of the experience & I enjoyed the sea of white walking through downtown. The tourists were really curious & we stopped several times to explain our adventure.

The tables. The tables are lined up to look like one super long picnic table. Every table is covered with a white tablecloth. Creativity really came out in the centerpieces & table settings.

The beginning & the end. After everything is set up dinner starts with the waving of the napkins (while there’s still daylight) & it’s officially over with the lighting of the sparklers (when it’s dark).


The Honeybee is NOT an outdoors person AT ALL but I am so glad that I put that aside and attended Diner En Blanc. Life is about living and enjoying every experience and I must say I really enjoyed this one.



Beewisdom- I’m just enjoying my life at the moment

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