Planting Patience

Hello Honeybees,



I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I took a much needed blogging break during the month of December and the first of January. Partly because life was super busy and partly because I didn’t feel very creative. I felt a little sad and relieved that I didn’t HAVE to create content. No pressure. I enjoy blogging more when the creativity flows naturally. It just feels right.


As time passed I started to get a little worried. I had topics to blog about but the words were just not there. I didn’t want to force it, in reality I couldn’t force it. I realized that I had to be patient with myself. I gave myself grace.

Patience is something that I have always struggled with. I use to pray for patience until someone brought it to my attention that in order for God to grant me patience I would have to be in situations that required….you guessed it patience.


One way that I have been dealing with my lack of patience is with plants. Thanks to Carmeon Hamilton I have more plants in my home than ever before AND I’m keeping them alive (insert a praise dance here).

The first plant I bought last year didn’t make it because I was over watering it. I was trying to rush the process. I have since learned to take my time with my plants, giving them what they need when they need it. I have actually been able to propagate clippings from another plant. I can’t make them grow faster but I can make sure that they are healthy. They have to take their time and I have to let them.


The same way that I nurture my plants growth I also have to nurture my growth. Some things can’t be rushed. I have to let the creativity flow when it flows and be ready to catch it. I also have to put myself in creative situations. I have to be around people that stir my creativity.


My plants are teaching me patience.


Who or what is teaching you patience?

Beewisdom- Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished. Nature Hills Nursery

4 thoughts on “Planting Patience

  1. Lovely post. First, I took off the same amount of time as well. Life has been different and I have to allow myself the time to flow with it.

    As far as your question, being a mother and a wife is teaching me patience. I have to balance taking care of myself and my needs with caring for my family. It requires a lot of patience. I pray daily for grace and patience as I want to give each one of us my best.


  2. Nice! Perfect lesson. And I feel you on the plants! I always said I have a brown thumb :). Maybe I’ll let plants help me with patience too.


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