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Daddy Lessons

Hello Honeybees,

My daddy Alabama, momma …..

okay that’s it because my momma was born right here in Memphis,Tennessee and we ain’t nowhere near creole but Chicago brought them together so I don’t know what that makes me……Lol!!!

Last month for Mother’s Day I shared a lesson that my mom taught me so for Fathers Day I’m sharing a lesson that my father taught me. My dad died when he was only 32 years old and I was 10. But in those 10 years he taught me some very valuable and life affirming lessons. The time that we had together holds an extremely special place in my heart.

One of the most important lessons that my dad taught me was the value of an education. I promised my dad that I would go to college and earn my degree. I don’t know why that lesson stuck with me, part of it could be that he promised me a car if I went to college. Even though I knew that my mom couldn’t afford to buy me a car I knew that I was going to keep my promise. It was too important not to, so off to college I went. It wasn’t easy and I took longer than 4 years but I did it and made both of my parents proud. Together we made that promise a reality.

My dad wanted a better educational future for me compared to his. I never truly understood just how proud my dad would’ve been of me until my own children started graduating. I too want my sons to have better than I did. Just like I had to find my way my oldest is finding his way and just like my parents I will be his support to help him navigate this crazy world. My youngest, who is headed to Xavier University in New Orleans, once told me that he wanted to earn his PhD because it’s better than my MBA. All that I have to say to that is “Go Get It” but I’m not promising a car.

As we celebrate this Father’s Day, let us remember the lessons that our father’s taught us. If your dad is still alive make sure you tell him thank you for those lessons. If your dad, like mine, is no longer here on earth, whisper a prayer of thanks.  He’ll receive it.

Happy Father’s Day!


Beewisdom- “A good father will leave his imprint on his daughter for the rest of her life.” – Dr. James Dobson

A Letter To My Father

Dear Daddy,

In a few days we will celebrate Father’s Day. Not only is June the month that we celebrate Father’s Day it’s also your birthday month.   I am so proud to be your daughter.  Although we only had ten years together, those were some of my best childhood memories. They helped to shape the woman that I am.


I remember every Friday you would pick me up from school and we would go to the record store.  You would let me pick out two 45’s.  I couldn’t wait to get home to play them on the record player.  Every Saturday morning you would play the blues while working around the house.  Thanks for introducing me to B.B. King, Johnny Taylor, Bobby Blue Bland and The O’Jays.

I remember you giving me my love of sports.  We would watch baseball, basketball, football and boxing. Our last Christmas together you gave me an autographed Dr. J basketball. I returned that gift to you by asking that they put the basketball in the casket with you.  Although the love for all sports didn’t stick, I’m not a fan of baseball & boxing but football and basketball held on tight. Thank you for introducing me to Kareem, Dr. J, Muhammad Ali, and Walter Payton.

I remember you sharing your love for learning and the importance of an education.  Although you never attended college you made sure that I would.  We always discussed how I would one day go to college. At age 7 you made me promise that I would go to college and in return you would buy me a car.  Unfortunately you weren’t able to be here to see your baby graduate from college not once but twice. Thank you for introducing me to the power of education.

I remember how you treated my mother.  I saw the power of love.  I saw how a man should treat his wife. I saw the sly smiles & glances.  The loving touches.  The snuggles on the couch when you thought I was sleep. I never had to contend with arguing & fighting.  I know there is no such thing as a perfect marriage and that couples fight but you never let me see that. Because of your example I learned not to settle for anything less. Thank you for showing me what a husband should be.   


I remember you helping other family members.  You made sure that others had birthday and Christmas presents just like I did.  I remember you & my mother taking off work at the last minute to go Christmas shopping.  I was not happy that I had to go to school that day but it proved to be so important. That would be your last Christmas with us. Thank you for being my Santa Claus.

There are so many more memories that I keep in my heart. Although you are not here in person your spirit is still with me. Sometimes when I look at my oldest son, your namesake Robert, I clearly see you.  He has your heart and that makes my heart happy.

Thank you for the examples.  I love you and I miss you. 

Your daughter,

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Beewisdom-  My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me  Jimmy Valvano (Jimmy V)