Live Life NOW!

Hello Honeybees,This last year has really taught me some lessons. Thankfully the lessons were taught lessons instead of bought lessons. Bought lessons can be very expensive both emotionally and financially.Ā  One lesson that I am taking to heart is to enjoy life everyday. For the purpose of this post Iā€™m talking about enjoying material things.… Continue reading Live Life NOW!


Back To School 2020

Hello Honeybees, As students head back to school in the midst of a pandemic, parents & educators are trying to adjust. It doesn't matter if its in person or virtually. But the children are the ones that will be impacted the most. I spent some time talking with two of my favorite people. Meet Kailey… Continue reading Back To School 2020


What I Know For Sure

Hello Honeybees, Today I am blessed to celebrate my 53rd trip around the sun. I thought I would take this moment to share a few things that, as Oprah would say, I KNOW FOR SURE. Let me add that these are things that I know for sure in my life. These are my experiences that… Continue reading What I Know For Sure