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Self Love Day with Dr. Jamie

Hello Honeybees,

One of the ways that I practice self love is by surrounding myself with women who inspire me and lift me up. On Sunday I was fortunate enough to experience self love at its best. Dr. Jamie Hardy is the founder of The Fab Gathering, The Fab Gathering is a safe space to let down your guard and to receive support and tools to elevate your health and your life. This FAB gathering was all about self love.

A little back story. I started following Dr. Jamie after meeting her at a blogger workshop. Shortly after our meeting she hosted a Fab Gathering at Char restaurant but I waited to late to get my ticket. That was not the case this time.

Dr. Jamie, a pharmacist by trade, is on a mission to help women to be fit, FABulous, and fulfilled by giving their food, actions, and beliefs a makeover. She encourages women to live a healthy lifestyle without pills. Yes you read that right, a pharmacist trying to get us off the meds.

The day began with a panel of beautiful black educated women dropping gems on everything from navigating storms to self image and of course saying NO.

Melody Hubbard-Robinson dropped the first gem. During the introductions when most people tell who they are and what they do for a living, Melody said: “My job is….. but my purpose is….” I love that because we are more than our jobs. We all have a purpose and you are blessed if they are the same.

Dr. Kristen Walker let us know that if self care becomes stressful then you aren’t doing it right.

Kim Cox Esq. reminded us that you always have options. Don’t be afraid to take the chance to have joy.

Dr. Audrey Townsel dropped on of the most important gems of all about dealing with other people. When pouring into other people make sure that they can pour back into you.

I told you these ladies were fierce and I received every word of it.

After the panel it was time to hydrate because Dr. Jamie knew that we were gonna need it. Twana Johnson got us up and moving. We did a “quick” 7 minutes of cardio to get our heart rate up. 30 minutes a day is all we need to get us started & to help us stay fit. Twana’s gem was “You can catch someones cold but you can’t catch good health” That my friends is on you.

After getting our groove on we hit the mat, the yoga mat that is. My favorite yogi, Jackie O lead our practice. I am always in a calmer state of mind after yoga with Jackie.

Dr. Jamie then talked to us about the important benefits of journaling and introduced us to her new soon to be released Self Love Kit. Head over to The Fab Gathering website for more details.

As promised we had a healthy and delicious lunch. I was full but not stuffed. A perfect combination.

This was the perfect way to spend part of my Sunday. I was so inspired by all of the women. I am so happy that I had the chance to experience Self Love Day with the Fab Gathering.

Job well done Dr. Jamie.


Beewisdom- If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. ~ Buddha

Hot Springs Weekend

Hello Honeybees,

Sometimes 48 hours is all you need to get in alignment. This past weekend I was able to do just that. I got away for 48 hours with my aunt, a friend and two of my cousins to help celebrate my aunts birthday. We didn’t go far but this trip accomplished it’s mission for me. I got a chance to just relax and enjoy.


Hot Springs, Arkansas is only a few hours away from Memphis making it a quick and easy getaway.

We hit the road Friday morning and had lunch at The Bleu Monkey Grill in Hot Springs. I didn’t get any lunch pictures because I was starving. They had a delicious bread with the pesto dipping oil.

There was a religious conference in Hot Springs happening at the same time so finding lodging was a challenge. My cousin who planned the trip likes to stay with the Choice Hotels family. When we pulled up to the motel I was very skeptical. We checked out the rooms to make sure that we were going to stay, we were pleasantly surprised. We had a back up but we didn’t need it.
After the drive & food we were in for the night. We ate leftovers lunch for dinner & we knocked out for the night.

Saturday morning we had an early start. First up was breakfast. We ate at the cutest pancake house. In fact it was so good we went back the next morning before leaving. I highly recommend this family owned establishment.

We had a little time to kill before our thermal pool & steam cave appointment so we took a quick self guided tour of the Fordyce Bathhouse Visitors Center. I like history so it was fascinating to see the history of the bath houses & physical therapy equipment.

Next up was the Thermal Pools at Quapaw Baths & Spa. Sitting in 104 degree water was AMAZING then spending 20 minutes in the steam cave was just what my mind, body and skin needed. I really enjoyed the experience & the price was just right. I would like to go back for a full day of services.


Afterwards we headed to Thai-Me Spa for drinks, massages and the oxygen bar.

We had a late lunch at the Fisherman’s Wharf. The view was beautiful & the food was delicious.

Next stop was the Garvan Woodland Gardens. We got there an hour before closing so we didn’t get to tour the grounds but we did get to see the Carillon and the beautiful chapel.

Whew, we packed a lot in one day but it was fun & relaxing. Great company, good food and beautiful scenery was just what I needed to get back in the groove.

There is so much history that I didn’t get to explore. There will definitely be another trip to Hot Springs in the future. Follow me on Instagram for more picture.


Beewisdom- Take a deep breath and just enjoy your life

Road Trip

Hello Honeybees,

I do not like long car trips, put me on a plane any day.

I haven’t always disliked long car rides but as I have gotten older it’s getting harder to sit & ride for long periods.  However, last weekend I did just that. Rikki & I hoped in the car and headed to Hammond, Louisiana. It was great to have some time catching up on life and reminiscing about the good ole days .  As we enjoy our year of 50 we took a road trip with a purpose. One of Rikki’s line sister’s daughter was joining our illustrious sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and we wanted to be a part of the ceremony.  That is one of the best reasons ever for any kind of trip.

Southeastern Louisiana University, is located in Hammond, LA about 30 minutes outside of New Orleans. We left bright & early Saturday morning, made a pit stop in Jackson, MS and headed into Hammond. Now you know we couldn’t be that close to New Orleans and not pay a visit. After a 20 min rest at our hotel we hit the road again and rolled into NOLA.

Rikki is a graduate of Xavier University in New Orleans.  I haven’t seen the campus post Katrina & it was an honor to see the growth.  It was nice to see this HBCU thriving.

The plan was to hit the French Quarter but we didn’t know that this was the same weekend as the French Quarter Festival.  Traffic was a nightmare so we found a quaint café on St. Charles and enjoyed drinks & dinner.

Sunday was all about sisterhood. It was time to welcome Payton into the land of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Congratulations to the newest Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Lambda Omicron Chapter.

Love these ladies of the Epsilon Tau Chapter of Xavier University. The true meaning of sisterhood. This is what 30 years of service to all mankind looks like.

After the luncheon we hit the road headed back to Memphis.  It was so nice to just get away if only for 48 hours. I realized as I was writing this post that Rikki & I never stopped to take a picture together. Guess that means that we were living in the moment.

I have one more planned road trip in June and I’m kind of looking forward to it. Meet me in St. Louis.

Who is ready to hit the road?


Beewisdom-Louise, no matter what happens, I’m glad I came with you. (Thelma & Louise 1991)

4 Lessons Learned in February

Hello Honeybees,

Last month I shared the lessons I learned in the month of January . Well I’m still learning and here are the lessons that I learned in February.

Lesson 1:

Your tribe is important

I have always known this but for 24 hours towards the end of the month I was in #Blackgirlmagic heaven. I spent Friday night happy hour with my high school tribe.  Our graduating class was small, 54 total I think, so it’s not unusual that lifetime bonds were formed.  Taking the time to actually sit still and enjoy a drink and a meal was just what we all needed. Saturday I had brunch with a new tribe. Getting like-minded women together to share, inspire, uplift and encourage one another is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Girl, get you a tribe!


Lesson 2:

Don’t be shy about promoting yourself

It’s not easy for me to promote myself. I always feel a little, NO a lot of, awkwardness when I’m saying “look at me, look at me”! You would think that in order to blog & put myself out there that I wouldn’t have an issue with self-promotion. Believe me I am working SO HARD to move past this.  In order for me to take my blog to a certain level I’m going to have to be the first person to say “Look at me”. So if you get tired of seeing me or hearing about me…….that means I’m doing it right.



Lesson 3:

Reading is fundamental

People, people, people…. PLEASE pick up a book!!!  It won’t bite, I promise you.  Try it…you might learn something.  Enough said.



Lesson 4:

Millennials, I truly love you guys but you WEAR. ME. OUT!

I say this jokingly but in all seriousness, they really do make me tired.  I truly enjoy the go getter spirit, ready to change the world, full of unique ideas, ready to get things done like yesterday. I do love it and them but man they make my head spin sometimes.  Millennials…it’s ok to stop & think before you act.  It’s ok to ask someone that has been there & done that. It’s ok that you didn’t that promotion in 6 weeks….who knows what week 7 has waiting for you.  Chill for a minute…please!!


Bet you can’t wait for what happens in March

BelindaBee pic

Beewisdom- “It is not so much about what life hands you,                                                                                       but what you do with what you get.” –  Idowu Koyenikan

Peggie Russell, I Salute You

Hello Honeybees,

International Women’s Month is almost over and I would be remiss if I didn’t pay tribute to a woman that truly impacted my life. 

Of course my mother is and always will be the most important woman ever to me.  She is the reason that I am even in this world.  I would not be the woman that I am without her influence, guidance and most of all love. 

There are friends & family members that are still to this day helping & supporting me but for this post I want to share with you how Peggie Russell came into my life and changed it forever.


I can’t tell you how Peggie & I became friends. We tried for many years to figure it out but we never could put our finger on THAT moment.  What we did know and understand was that our friendship was destined.  We didn’t know how short it would be but we knew that our friendship was a gift.  Peggie was so good at listening to you but she never gave you answers.  She had a way of making you make your own decisions.  Although there was that one time that she flat out disagreed with me and told me so in no uncertain terms.  That should have been my light bulb moment but it wasn’t.  I didn’t listen and to this day I regret it.  Not once did she ever say “I told you so”, she just held my hand and helped me pick up the pieces.  That was just her way.

She encouraged me as a friend, a woman, a mother, and a Christian.  She never knew it but she also helped to shape my future career.  She led me to programs and connected me to people that would usher me into the nonprofit world, for that I am grateful.  She saw things in me that I didn’t see.  It still amazes me when some of those things manifest.


According to man Peggie left this world too soon.  According to God the timing was right. There are so many friends and family that miss her daily. She left behind a husband, four children, a granddaughter and a host of others though not related by blood, they still called her mom.  She gave not only to her family but to her community. She was a motivational speaker, author, attorney, preacher, teacher and community activist. To me was FRIEND.

So on this last day of International Women’s Month I salute you Peggie Russell.  May you rest in heaven with your angel wings. 

Peggie Hat

Belinda Bee pic

Beewisdom- There will always be a reason why you meet people, either, you need them to change your life, or, you are the one that will change theirs

Girlfriends Gathering

Hello Honeybees,

Saturday night I attended the birthday celebration of my sister friend Jackie O!  Usually when Jackie has a girlfriend gathering I can expect to leave with a new friend, new insight and a renewed spirit.

Saturday was no different!

Jackie & Me

We gathered at the home of one of Jackie’s friends.  Because her friend couldn’t stay long at last year’s gathering due to sitter issues, she hosted this year’s celebration at her house.  Now that says a lot about their friendship and about what a special person Jackie is.  When I walked into the house I was immediately put at ease.  It was so warm and inviting.  The host and her family made us all feel at home.Jackie, Mignonne

There were 8 women sitting around eating, drinking and sharing.

When I say that there was not one bit of gossip……I mean there was not one bit of gossip.

We shared stories about our life, family, careers and relationships.  We offered honest advice like we had been friends for years.  We laughed at stories about some of our most “interesting” adventures….you wouldn’t believe me if I tried to repeat them…which I won’t because:

What happens at Jackie’s gathering stays at Jackie’s gathering

There were some things that were shared that I know no one thought that they would be sharing. Especially with people that you just met, but we bonded like we had been friends forever.

That’s the kind of thing that happens when Jackie brings a group together.  It seems like the right people are together at the right time for the right reason

Again, Saturday was no different.

I left with, new friends, new insight and a renewed spirit

If you ever have the privilege of being invited to a Jackie O! Girlfriend Gathering….don’t miss it.  I’m glad I didn’t

If you want to find Jackie,meet her on the mat at her yoga class on Thursdays at Caritas Village, 6 p.m.      Pay what you can!

Yoga Jackie

Belinda Bee pic

Beewisdom- Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.      W. Clement Stone