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Seasons Change

Hello Honeybees,

I wrote this post seating on the couch in an Airbnb in New Orleans. I was in NOLA to take my youngest son to college. My smallest birdie is learning to fly, but that’s another post for another day once I get all of these emotions together.

One thing on this journey that I have come to embrace is that my season is about to change. I have spent the last 20 years of my life making sure that the two humans that I delivered into this world had everything that they needed. For most of their life it has been just me. But the time has come where they are no longer my day to day responsibility. No, I’m not just throwing in the towel on them, quite the opposite. It’s just that my level of involvement is shifting gears.

I no longer have to attend back to school activities, PTA meetings, school programs and parent teacher conferences. I no longer have to find child care for the breaks (this time has long since passed but stay with me here) or for those last minute snow days. I use to hold on to vacation and sick days just in case one of the boys got sick so I would have the time to take off.

Well those days are no more. My season has changed. My new season is all about moi. I can now move about life on my terms and let me tell you it feels wonderful already. Just the thought of it makes me do a happy dance. It makes me excited for what is to come.

Big changes are headed my way and I am ready.

So if you see me out in these streets just know that I am enjoying my new season.


Beewisdom- To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” — Ecclesiastes 3:1

Spring, Is That You?

Hello Honeybees,

It seems like January took a long time to move out and February played the “I don’t know what season it is” game. I am so over cold weather. I am over wet weather.

Cold weather really makes me hibernate but I am committed to getting out. I need all the God given vitamin D that I can get.

Memphis usually gets snow in February so the January snow this year threw me off. The back & forth weather of February was enough to keep people sick, especially during this horrible flu season. The winds are enough to keep me looking like an old lady with a scarf wrapped around my head to cover my ears. But I found a way to keep the wind out and stay stylist.

As we venture into March it really is starting to feel like Spring in Memphis. We are still dealing with some rain and wind and some chilly days.  It’s kind of hard to know how to dress but of course we figure it out. To help prepare for Spring I have linked up with some of my favorite local bloggers to share some Spring looks.  Bianca at Curvaceouslybee, Ashley at Big World Huge Style, Chasity at Sweat In Mascara, Sherill at Sherill SMILEs, Desire at Mocha Divas , Faith at Faithfully Yours, and Almetria at Fit and Finally Free. Hop over to their blogs to see what they are wearing for Spring. We are sharing Spring trends all month long. Make sure you follow all our blogs so don’t miss anything.


Shirt- Mens Izod-Goodwill, Pants-Old Navy, Jacket- Harolds-Goodwill, Shoes-Nine West, TJMaxx, Head wrap-Thrifted


I can’t wait until Spring when I don’t have to bundle up to go out. I can’t wait to feel the warm breeze of Spring and sun on my skin.

So Spring please come quick and stay awhile

Beewisdom-In winter I plot and plan. In spring I move