I Got Caught Slippin

Hello Honeybees,

Well, it finally happened. It took almost a year but it caught me. Yep, the Rona weight gain caught me. It seems like it really started happening after Thanksgiving. That’s when I was back to working from home full time.

In September I started a new job and I was going into the office for 3 days a week. On those 3 days I would take my lunch which meant I was meal prepping on a more regular basis. But during the holidays we started WFH one day a week and then the numbers in Shelby County continued to climb so it was best for us to work from home as much as possible.

In February I started to feel it. I just felt a sense of heaviness, my muscles were aching and I just felt lazy or rather unmotivated. I knew that I needed to get up and move but again “laziness” was easier. I was trying on clothes for a photo shoot and NOTHING fit. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. Even the “big” clothes in the back of the closet were tight.

So as my friend Desiree says “Rona caught me slippin”. Also, as I seriously move into full on menopause my hormones are kicking my butt too. Not using it as an excuse although its real but I haven’t done a single thing to help in this battle. Why, because I was unmotivated.

It’s time for me to get up and get moving. It’s also time to get back to meal prepping. When I combine the two I should be able to get my life back on track. I have Spring to drop about 15lbs before Summer but I know I can do it. My workout plan will look different this time. Loosing weight in your 50’s is a lot different than loosing weight in your 30’s. Where I use to focus on cardio, this time I will focus more on weight training. I’ll still get in the cardio but weight training is where I should have the best results. I’ll also head back to the gym AFTER I get vaccinated. 

As a daily reminder and for a little motivation I’m dropping a penny in my workout jar for every 30 minutes of exercise I complete. It’s pennies so it won’t add up to a lot but the visual of seeing the jar fill up will do wonders for my spirit.

Did Ms. Rona catch you slippin?


Beewisdom- What seems impossible today will one day become your warm up

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