Diner En Blanc

Hello Honeybees, The inaugural Diner En Blanc Memphis is termine` & this Honeybee is tired. I've always wanted to attend a Diner En Blanc event especially after seeing them in other cities. Thanks to Instagram I’ve watched Diner En Blanc in NY, NJ and Baltimore but there is nothing like having my own personal experience.… Continue reading Diner En Blanc


Women Helping Women

Hello Honeybees, When I was looking to shift into the nonprofit field I knew that I wanted to do something to help women and or children. I was blessed enough to be able to do just that.  Not only does my work involve women and the planning of children but my life outside of work… Continue reading Women Helping Women


Chicks Who Mix

Hello Honeybees, I love new experiences and recently I attended my first, but not my last, Chick Who Mix, The Southern Comfort Edition. Talk about fun!! The location was perfect.  300 South Main Gallery.  I love the South Main district. I hope to make it home one day. The weather was HOT, HOT, HOT but… Continue reading Chicks Who Mix