Advice To A Younger Honeybee

Hello Honeybees, If you follow me on IG you know that I attended Karleen Roy’s inaugural Owning The Block event. I enjoyed seeing Memphis come together to support one of its own. The guest for the event was Myleik Teele. SN: Myleik has been on my vision board for a few years & I got… Continue reading Advice To A Younger Honeybee


Living My Best Life

Hello Honeybees, Have you heard the song Living My Best Life by Lil Duval? Despite some of the language I love the hook in this song. I’m living my best life, ain’t going back & forth with you "people".  But what does it mean to live your best life? And by whose standards? To me… Continue reading Living My Best Life



Hello Honeybees, Remember when you were little & you thought your parents were old? But as you got older you began to change that tune. Both my parents died at relatively young ages. My dad was 32 & my mom was 54. I was only 10 when my dad passed & I never could understand… Continue reading #FollowMeInto50