Advice To A Younger Honeybee

Hello Honeybees,

If you follow me on IG you know that I attended Karleen Roy’s inaugural Owning The Block event. I enjoyed seeing Memphis come together to support one of its own. The guest for the event was Myleik Teele. SN: Myleik has been on my vision board for a few years & I got to meet her & of course take a picture.

During the event Karleen asked Myleik what advice she would to her 20 year old self. It got me to thinking about what I would tell my 20 year old self. Before my 20’s were over I was a married college graduate working in corporate America.

If there were some words of wisdom that I would give to a younger Honeybee it would start with this:

Although you took the long route to graduation you did it. Don’t hold on to the fact that it took you longer, celebrate the joy that you finished. In taking that long route in college keep going and get that Masters degree. Don’t let 20 years go by.

Live on your own before you get married. You went from your mother to your husband. You needed the time on your own to mature just a little bit more. You needed the time to learn to stand on your own two feet.

Travel, go see the world! I mean the WORLD! Leave the USA and enjoy yourself.

Save, Save, Save and Save some more. Yes you were wise to get in your 401k in your 20’s but you need to save a little more on the side. You need to get in the habit of saving.

Embrace that “skinny” women that you are and don’t listen to the haters. You look good just the way you are. One day you’ll wish that you were still trying to gain weight. Get in the habit of exercising so that it becomes a way of life.

Finally, GO FOR IT!!! You wanted to work in corporate communications but when you had the opportunity to meet with the bank president one on one you didn’t capitalize on it because you didn’t know how. Find a mentor, they could’ve helped you navigate this better.

I’m thankful for the lessons that I learned in my 20’s because they helped to shape the future me and I actually did LEARN something.

One day I’ll share what I would tell my 30 year old self because those years were truly pivotal.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Leave me a comment below.

Beewisdom- Remember yourself as a little girl, she is counting on you to protect her.


2 thoughts on “Advice To A Younger Honeybee

  1. I would tell my 20 year old self , show yourself some grace . You’ve accomplished so much and overcome many obstacles that tried to hold you back . You’re an amazing mother who has been determined to provide the best care for your babies .


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