My City 4 Ways

Hello Honeybees, My 2017 vision board for the blog has the Essence logo on it because I want to be in or work with Essence magazine. On Saturday I got the chance to see part of that vision come to life as I was apart of the blogger team for the My City 4 Ways… Continue reading My City 4 Ways


I AM a Philanthropist

Hello Honeybees, I am a philanthropist!! When people hear the word philanthropist they usually think, Oprah, Bill & Melinda Gates or Warren Buffett , you know MONEY, BIG MONEY! The month of April taught me that REAL philanthropy is not just about money but it’s about giving back with your time too. Now, I am… Continue reading I AM a Philanthropist


What I Learned At St Jude

Hello Honeybees, As a parent I am always worried and concerned when one of my boys is sick. This allergy season has been really rough on my youngest. The worst year yet for him. I just can not imagine how the parents of children at St Jude feel. These children are dealing with life threatening… Continue reading What I Learned At St Jude