My City 4 Ways

Hello Honeybees,

My 2017 vision board for the blog has the Essence logo on it because I want to be in or work with Essence magazine. On Saturday I got the chance to see part of that vision come to life as I was apart of the blogger team for the My City 4 Ways presented by Essence & Ford Motor.

Memphis was the last stop on the Essence & Ford Motor My 4 City Tour. The tour was a combination of Style, Art, Music and Food all showcased by Memphis talent. Designer Karleen Roy ;  artist Jamond Bullock;  singer Keia Johnson  and Chef D. Arthur.  Memphis showed up to support its own.

The panel was moderated by co-hosts Essence Lifestyle & Relationships Editor Charreah Jackson and comedian Loni Love. Loni was to funny, keeping the crowd hyped with music  by Memphis twins DJ Tootz.  Being up close and personal with June Ambrose was like my Instagram coming to life. She is everything you see or read about her. Open, warm, totally down to earth and the life of the party. She is truly an inspiring living legend.

The beautiful Kelis & Chef D. Arthur provided tasty treats for the palate and the signature drinks were pretty and refreshing.

I wanted to participate in the “Ride & Drive” experience but as a former Ford owner I did not want to get bit by the new car bug.  But I will say that Ford Mustang was calling my name. I was also inspired by Patrice Banks of Girls Auto Clinic. Yes, ladies know how to fix cars & look cute while doing it.

The final performance by Singer-songwriter, Ro James was just what the ladies ordered.

Being a part of the Essence & Ford My City 4 Ways experience was one a great treat not just for me but for Memphis.  Hope to see them again.

Belinda Bloggingwithbee









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