Diner En Blanc

Hello Honeybees, The inaugural Diner En Blanc Memphis is termine` & this Honeybee is tired. I've always wanted to attend a Diner En Blanc event especially after seeing them in other cities. Thanks to Instagram I’ve watched Diner En Blanc in NY, NJ and Baltimore but there is nothing like having my own personal experience.… Continue reading Diner En Blanc


My City Tasting Tour

Hello Honeybees, If you ask anyone that has lived in Memphis for a while who has the best barbecue you will probably get the answer: my backyard or my uncle, brother, daddy or cousin etc. There are a lot, I mean a lot of folks in Memphis that can werk a barbecue grill. It's a Memphis… Continue reading My City Tasting Tour


Under The Influence

Hello Honeybees, This week I am sharing some of my favorite social media “influencers”. A social media influencer (SMI) is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. They have access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Future Influencer I follow a lot… Continue reading Under The Influence


Denim & The Dixon

Hello Honeybees, This is the last look for our Spring Trends series. I had such a good time working with my fellow bloggers this month. For our final look is haute denim and as nod to Spring our shoot was at the Dixon Garden & Gallery. There are so many pretty places in the garden… Continue reading Denim & The Dixon


Spring, Is That You?

Hello Honeybees, It seems like January took a long time to move out and February played the "I don't know what season it is" game. I am so over cold weather. I am over wet weather. Cold weather really makes me hibernate but I am committed to getting out. I need all the God given… Continue reading Spring, Is That You?


My City 4 Ways

Hello Honeybees, My 2017 vision board for the blog has the Essence logo on it because I want to be in or work with Essence magazine. On Saturday I got the chance to see part of that vision come to life as I was apart of the blogger team for the My City 4 Ways… Continue reading My City 4 Ways