I Messed Up

Hello Honeybees,

Saturday I was a plus one for Audacity Fest 2019. My blogger boo @mocha_divas had a press pass for the fest and invited me to join her. I agreed to go without doing my due diligence on the event. That was a big mistake on my part. Y’all I messed up. Big time!

The Audacity Fest is a festival that celebrates black travel and the fact that it was in Memphis was a pretty big deal. Seeing so many people of color come together to share their experiences & best practices was simply beautiful. There were sessions that catered to everything from culinary travel, adventure travel and luxury travel. Of course the highlight for me was budget travel. The festival was 3 days in various locations around the city. They showed Memphis a lot of love.

I finally got a passport this year and started a savings account using my digit app for some international travel for next year. So I’m already in a travel mood. Had I been better prepared for Audacity Fest I would’ve been more selective in choosing which sessions to attend & being better prepared for retaining the information.

Thanks to the power of Instagram I was able to see what I missed. My lesson learned here was to be knowledgeable about events before I attend them, even if I’m not obligated to post about them. I missed out on some great opportunities and possible connections because I didn’t do my homework.

Next years Audacity Fest will be in New York. Maybe just maybe I’ll be able to attend on a budget using some of the information that I learned.

Beewisdom- Adventure is worthwhile – Aesop


One thought on “I Messed Up

  1. I should have been there! Never heard of it.

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