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Hello Honeybees,

It’s time for 2017.

New Year…..Who Dis?

At the end of every year we set goals, at least I hope we do, for the new year but are we being intentional about our goals?  Are we just putting stuff on paper or on social media just to say we did? Or are we truly setting goals?


I set goals last year but I didn’t accomplish all of them, some I knocked out the park, others not so much.  The ones that I didn’t accomplished was mainly because I was not being intentional about those goals. Yes, I created a vision board. I do one every year.  This year I created a brand new vision board. I started from scratch. I have been revamping my old vision board for the last 5 or so years. But  this year I’m being very intentional about my vision & goals for 2017 so a new board was needed.

One of my goals for 2016 was to face my fear of heights by riding the elevator at Bass Pro Shop up to the outlook.  I had an accountability partner who did her best to get me down there but it never quite worked out. Because I was very intentional about this goal I was still able to do something to help me face this fear. I walked across a bridge. Sometimes things don’t always work out the way that we plan but in the end they do work out.

Another goal was to get back to regular journaling and that I did. . But I also added a gratitude journal. I use to write things that I was grateful for in my journal but I decided that I wanted to be more intentional about being grateful so I started a gratitude journal.  Writing down the things that I am grateful for helps me to show God that I am grateful for all of that He provides. This also makes me see that I have a lot to be grateful for.  Once again I am being intentional about showing gratitude.

So as you set goals for the New Year start by being intentional about those goals.  Ask yourself what value will this goal will bring to your life. Once you set your goals don’t let anything get in your way.

Happy 2017!!!

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Beewisdom-“When your intentions are pure, so too will be your success”-Charles F. Glassman

Be Amazing

Hello Honeybees,

Sometime last year on one of my thrifting adventures I came across a sweater that spoke to me. Literally!  The sweater said BE AMAZING.  I think I paid maybe $4 for the sweater and I will say that it is the best $4 to ever leave my wallet.  I wear this sweater when I need to encourage myself.  It’s like my power sweater. It’s like striking the Wonder Woman pose in the mirror. It’s my reminder to BE AMAZING.


Recently I was giving a presentation to a room full of high school girls. Usually I wear my work polo but on this day for some reason I felt that I needed a little extra encouragement.  So I pulled out my power sweater.

I was standing at the door as the girls were entering the room. Totally in prep mode, forgetting all about the sweater UNTIL… one of the students read my sweater out loud and smiled. I smiled back letting her know that I heard her.  Another young lady was talking to her friend and said, I want a sweater like that. My response to her… Yes because you are amazing.

So here I am standing in front of 50 teenage girls and the whole time they got to stare at the words BE AMAZING.

After leaving the school I ran some errands and in each place someone made a comment about my sweater. People of all races, male & female.  One brother asked me where I got my sweater. I told him that I thrifted it but the look on his face let me know to further explain. So I just said, Old Navy. And no he wasn’t trying to hit on me. He was truly asking like he wanted to find one for his special person.

Who knew that a $4 sweater would not only encourage me but also those with whom I come in contact? It doesn’t always take a lot to make a difference.  Sometimes all it takes is a $4 sweater that simply says……..BE AMAZING!!!

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Beewisdom- Be Amazing, I Dare You!!

Middle Finger Up

Hello Honeybees,

On Sunday I gave fear the middle finger….like Beyonce said, sort of…. “Middle finger up, tell it….fear bye”


Those that are close to me know that I have a fear of heights and water.  My fear of water is not that bad. I’m only afraid of water when it comes above my waist. My fear of heights is very real. Let’s just say climbing a ladder is a no-no.  So imagine me walking across a bridge over the Mississippi bridge.


Yep, I walked across the Harahan Pedestrian Bridge now known as Big River Crossing.  It’s a mile long bridge that connects Tennessee & Arkansas.  The train still runs alongside the walking trail. Which is what happened while I walked across the bridge.


The views from the bridge are AH-Mazing.  I actually stopped to take a picture. I looked down only once because once was truly enough. And I didn’t want to freeze in the middle of the bridge.


Although conquering this particular fear was not on my #YearOfYes list I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try. I am determined to not let fear get the best of me.  If I did I would be missing out on some of the best times in life.


I didn’t take this walk alone. The ladies that I walked with were so encouraging and supportive. They also shared some very important life lessons. Lessons that I will take to heart.


Ladies I thank you for the welcome spirit and shared wisdom.

2016 is almost over and yes there are still fears to conquer and guess what……I’m ready.

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Beewisdom- Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.  Japanese Proverb


Loving The Skin I’m In

Hello Honeybees,

As some of you might know I am a contributor for Memphis Moms Blog and a few month ago some of us participated in a swimsuit photo shoot. When asked I jumped at the chance to participate.

Why did I do it?

Because this is MY YEAR OF YES!!

This is the year that I say YES to what scares me.

This is the year that I say YES to new adventures.

This is the year that I step out of my comfort zone.

For most of my life I have had a weight problem… I was always underweight. 

Some people might say that’s not a real problem but to me it was.  See, when I was growing up it wasn’t “cute” to be skinny like it is today.  Finding clothes in a size zero was almost impossible. Yes I said zero.  I was what you would call a bean pole, straight up & down and not a curve to be found.  Yes, I was ashamed of my body.  When people say that they want to be “high school fine” I say no way.  I was nowhere near “high school fine”



When I got married at 28 I was only 100 lbs.  It wasn’t until after I had my second child at 34 that I was able to maintain what I called a decent weight. As with all things you have to learn to maintain once you reach your goal weight.  That part is still a learning curve for me.  I have now entered year 49 and the metabolism is not what it use to be.  I have to watch what I eat and force myself to exercise. I’m still not exercising like I need to but it’s coming.  Now I have curves that I have NEVER had.  Some I wouldn’t mind shifting to other areas. I am loving my “woman” curves.  I would take my 49 year old body over my 18 year old body any day.



I said all that to say this….. I am so proud of where I am with feeling confident with my body. Do I feel this confidence every day?  NOPE, but I have more great days than not so great days.  Do I still have work to do? You bet. But I’m going to enjoy the ME that I have become!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

So ladies, enjoy the body that you have.  If YOU don’t like it do something about it.  If YOU are happy with it than STRUT YOUR STUFF LIKE ONLY YOU CAN.  

You can find the swimsuit pics here http://www.memphismomsblog.com.  Enjoy!!!

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Are you loving you? If not then who will?

Beewisdom- If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good–Dr. Seuss


Hello Honeybees,

This month I have the privilege of completing chapter 1 of BloggingWithBee and starting Chapter 2

This month I will finish chapter 48 of my life and start chapter 49

This month I will start chapter 4 of my nonprofit career

Next month I will start writing chapter 17 of parenthood

This year I started writing chapter 9 of being single again

So many chapters in just one book but this is the book that I only get to co-author. God is the author of  the book of my life.  He writes the stories and uses me to bring them to life.  So maybe I’m not the co-author but I am the main character.

book pic 1

I learned somewhere around chapter 39 or 40 to stop comparing my book to someone else’s book.  We ALL have our own book.  My book is being written JUST FOR ME. Sometimes I slip up and start comparing, I’m human and not perfect, but I have learned to adjust my thoughts and keep turning the pages of my OWN book.

My chapter 49 will not look like your chapter 49.

My chapter 21 didn’t look like your chapter 21.

book pic 3

I am so in love with the book that is being written about my life.  It has all kinds of plot twist and surprises. I mean A LOT of surprises. This book can be a comedy, a drama or action packed.  Either way I can’t put it down.  This book has my attention every day, all day. 

Even though I am the star of this book, I have no idea what comes next.  I have made suggestions to the author but I know that His plans are so much better than mine.

I hope that my book has at least 99 chapters.  99 chapters that will keep me turning pages unable to put the book down.   

Watch out chapter 49 I can’t wait to read you!

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What is your favorite chapter?

Beewisdom-In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back- Charlie Brown

All About Bee

Hello Honeybees,

This post is all about ME.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me, quirks and all.

  1. I am an only child
  2. A lot of my closest friends are “onlys” too
  3. I gave birth AND lost a parent in 72 hours
  4. I am a homebody..that’s where my heart is
  5. I am divorced..that’s a good thing..believe me
  6. I was born in Chicago
  7. I am afraid of heights
  8. I am slow to anger but when I reach my boiling point I can be VERY unforgiving
  9. I did not get my driver’s license until after I was 20
  10. I can drive a 5 speed
  11. I hate long car rides
  12. I was raised Catholic
  13. I attended an All Girls high school, Immaculate Conception
  14. I wanted to attend Central High School but mom said nope
  15. I was accepted into Dillard University but mom said nope
  16. I love fancy restaurants…expensive foodie
  17. I LOVE grapes but HATE raisins… I know…special
  18. I do not like chocolate ice cream….never have
  19. My favorite cake is chocolate but it has to have white frosting
  20. I like to bake, especially cookies
  21. I have a coffee “problem”. Yep Starbucks Gold Card member
  22. I prefer my tea without sugar. We can thank Mickey D’s for that
  23. If it comes from the sea/ocean I’ll eat it….. or at least try it
  24. Red wine gives me a migraine. Got to figure out a way around this
The world in my hand

The world in my hand

  1. I learned to drink in college- University of Tennessee Martin at the Alpha house
  2. I was an Alpha Sweetheart in college- Mighty Mu Beta
  3. I LOVE my AKA- Beta Epsilon Omega
  4. I’m just now learning how to wear makeup. Never to late
  5. I can cross stitch. Learned in high school
  6. I can NOT draw a straight line….even with a ruler
  7. I can NOT cut on a straight line…dotted or solid line
  8. I can’t sing at all…… but I know all the words to songs I like
  9. I love the ballet and all kinds of theater…. thanks mom
  10. My daddy taught me the game of football… I think he wanted a son
  11. I only watch college sports during Bowl games & March Madness
  12. I do not like animals but I hate for people to mistreat them
  13. I love to dance
  14. I go to bed at 8pm….I’ve never been a night owl
  15. I’ve never had braids or weave or extensions….thinking hard about braids
  16. I’m still scared of the pressing comb…sorry straighten comb
  17. I hate unpacking after a trip
  18. I want to visit Paris
  19. I’ve never been skiing but I’ve been to a ski resort….the lodge was very nice
  20. I LOVE watching TV….it puts me to sleep every night
  21. I hate to grocery shop….mainly because I don’t still don’t know how…SMH
  22. I prefer to shop alone…that only child thing again
  23. I want to be an Executive Director of a non profit…career goals
  24. I turn 49 this year & I’m loving it.  Bring on 50!!!

That wasn’t so bad, was it?  Now tell me something about you.

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Beewisdom- We are born to be real, not to be perfect- Unknown

Hello Honeybees,

As a young child my mother helped me to cultivate my love of books. As a result I have developed a love for books. I read for enjoyment. A good book with a glass of wine and I’m set.

Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed was trending on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat so you know I had to check it out.  I’m so glad I did.  This little nugget of inspirational quotes filled with humor and power was worth the calories from that glass of wine.

Some quotes really spoke to me:

Brave Enough Quotes


Brave Enough quote two

I used these two quotes to help guide me as I set my intentions for 2016.  I’m brave enough to trust myself as I to continue to grow….STRONGER, BOLDER, BRAVER!  I’ve EARNED  it.

I encourage everyone who needs some inspiration to grab a copy of Brave Enough and a glass of wine, sit back and be prepared to laugh and be inspired.

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What’s your favorite book of quotes?

Beewisdom- Forward is the the direction of life- Cheryl Strayed