Be Amazing

Hello Honeybees,

Sometime last year on one of my thrifting adventures I came across a sweater that spoke to me. Literally!  The sweater said BE AMAZING.  I think I paid maybe $4 for the sweater and I will say that it is the best $4 to ever leave my wallet.  I wear this sweater when I need to encourage myself.  It’s like my power sweater. It’s like striking the Wonder Woman pose in the mirror. It’s my reminder to BE AMAZING.


Recently I was giving a presentation to a room full of high school girls. Usually I wear my work polo but on this day for some reason I felt that I needed a little extra encouragement.  So I pulled out my power sweater.

I was standing at the door as the girls were entering the room. Totally in prep mode, forgetting all about the sweater UNTIL… one of the students read my sweater out loud and smiled. I smiled back letting her know that I heard her.  Another young lady was talking to her friend and said, I want a sweater like that. My response to her… Yes because you are amazing.

So here I am standing in front of 50 teenage girls and the whole time they got to stare at the words BE AMAZING.

After leaving the school I ran some errands and in each place someone made a comment about my sweater. People of all races, male & female.  One brother asked me where I got my sweater. I told him that I thrifted it but the look on his face let me know to further explain. So I just said, Old Navy. And no he wasn’t trying to hit on me. He was truly asking like he wanted to find one for his special person.

Who knew that a $4 sweater would not only encourage me but also those with whom I come in contact? It doesn’t always take a lot to make a difference.  Sometimes all it takes is a $4 sweater that simply says……..BE AMAZING!!!

BelindaBee pic

Beewisdom- Be Amazing, I Dare You!!

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