Greatest Love Of All

Hello Honeybees, The month of February is usually focused on love and most of us automatically think of love in a romantic sense. Which is only natural but there is one love that must be achieved before any other kind of love can reach its full potential. That love is SELF LOVE.   Loving yourself… Continue reading Greatest Love Of All


It’s Not That Deep

Hello Honeybees, My coworkers hear me say this A Lot 😊 "It's not that deep" I take the same advice in my personal life. I do everything in my power to not let the little things & little people get me off track. It’s not to say that whatever I’m talking about is not important but… Continue reading It’s Not That Deep



Hello Honeybees, What does the word MINDFULNESS mean to you? Last month I attended a seminar hosted by Methodist Lebonuer Hospital. The guest speaker was ABC news correspondent Dan Harris. Dan talked about the time he had a panic attack on live television. He had become so overwhelmed with life and work that his body,… Continue reading Mindfulness