To Have or To Listen?

Hello Honeybees,     I admit it I have been seriously slacking in taking the time to read. Taking the time to actually sit down with a REAL book in my hand. I love to read, always have thanks to my mother. I’m fortunate enough to have passed the love of books down to one… Continue reading To Have or To Listen?


Motherly Advice

Hello Honeybees, Growing up my mother always told me to buy myself something out of every paycheck. It didn’t have to be anything expensive or over the top but something. "A tube of lipstick or pair of panties" Her exact words not mine. Her thought process was that you deserve to reward yourself for all… Continue reading Motherly Advice


Self Love Day with Dr. Jamie

Hello Honeybees, One of the ways that I practice self love is by surrounding myself with women who inspire me and lift me up. On Sunday I was fortunate enough to experience self love at its best. Dr. Jamie Hardy is the founder of The Fab Gathering, The Fab Gathering is a safe space to… Continue reading Self Love Day with Dr. Jamie


Extending GRACE

Hello Honeybees, Have you ever extended grace to someone? Has someone ever extended grace to you? What does it even mean to extend grace to someone? Having something that you don’t deserve is God’s grace to us. He extends his grace to us every day but do we return that grace to those around us?… Continue reading Extending GRACE


Greatest Love Of All

Hello Honeybees, The month of February is usually focused on love and most of us automatically think of love in a romantic sense. Which is only natural but there is one love that must be achieved before any other kind of love can reach its full potential. That love is SELF LOVE.   Loving yourself… Continue reading Greatest Love Of All