Position Yourself

Hello Honeybees, Recently I was listening to Soledad O’Brien speak on a podcast about her leaving CNN. She spoke about how they never really “fired” her but they offered her a different position that she felt was not a good fit for her. To her credit she was able to walk away from CNN because… Continue reading Position Yourself



Hello Honeybees, One influencer that moved me to action was Memphis blogger Andrea Fenise. Andrea started a series of post about her savings journey. It’s a VERY personal account of how she is saving. She shares the ups & the downs. This got me to thinking more about my saving habits & how I could make… Continue reading Digit


Consistently Inspired

Hello Honeybees, Happy New Year!! Every January I select a word here that helps me to set the expectation for the new year. 2018's word was FLOURISH. And in some aspects of my life I did just that. I became more confident & comfortable in my skin. I began to appreciate ME more. I also grew my… Continue reading Consistently Inspired


Respect YOUR Journey

Hello Honeybees, Have you looked at someone you deemed successful and thought..... How did they do it?  You're thinking, wow that was quick or they became an “overnight” success. Yep, I’m raising my hand because I am totally guilty of these thoughts. Who wouldn't want to be an “overnight success”. But when you take the… Continue reading Respect YOUR Journey


Apples & Oranges

Hello Honeybees, In my March lessons learned post I talked about people not being who they POST to be. I received a lot of positive feedback from that lesson. People understand that sentiment. I've heard people say that they don't follow certain people because it makes them feel "unhappy" about their own lives. To that… Continue reading Apples & Oranges


Beware of Hole Punchers

Hello Honeybees, We all have people in our lives that will try to steal our joy.  You know the people that will try to punch holes in your dreams or your godly assignment. I'm not talking about the people who will pull your coat tail when you are trying to do something wrong.  I'm talking… Continue reading Beware of Hole Punchers


Lessons Learned

Hello Honeybees, We are over one month into 2017.  This year I want to keep track of some of the random things that I have learned or relearned.  Sometimes you have to keep learning lessons before they really stick. Here are a few that really stood out in January. Lesson 1 If can’t go to… Continue reading Lessons Learned