Hello Honeybees,

One influencer that moved me to action was Memphis blogger Andrea Fenise. Andrea started a series of post about her savings journey. It’s a VERY personal account of how she is saving. She shares the ups & the downs. This got me to thinking more about my saving habits & how I could make them better.


One way for me to save is if I never see the money and I can’t have easy access to it. I have $50 automatically go into an account that is managed by my Ameriprise financial adviser. It’s a slow and steady way for me to build. I don’t see it & in order for me to access it I have to call him. I know if I call him he’s going to ask me all kinds of questions like; Why do I need the money? Saying I want to buy a pair of shoes or a purse is not gonna cut it. It’s his job to help me not make dumb financial decisions. He keeps me accountable and I’m okay with that.



Another way that I’m saving is by using the Digit app. Y’all this has been a game changer for me. Digit takes money out of your linked account and puts it into a rainy day account. I also set up another account for an August trip. So it pulls money daily and puts into each account. Now I was scared to have money automatically come out of my account like this and daily at that! Whew chile the anxiety!! Remember that other $50, yeah I can’t have too many things on auto. But the beauty of this is that Digit “learns” your spending habits. It also lets you set a pause limit. So if your linked account falls below a certain amount Digit won’t transfer any money.


If your account gets to a threshold that you set, Digit will transfer money from your Rainy Day account back to your linked account. Another of my things about the app is that it lets you know you balance on your linked account and it tells you why. I get a text that says MLGW cleared today for $100 and your balance is now $1,010. You also have the flexibility to move money back into your account when needed.



I will say that having Digit is helping me to stay on my spending toes. Having a constant reminder of how & where I’m spending just what I needed.


If you want to try Digit use my link for the referral. They will give you $5 for signing up.


No this is not sponsored. Just like Andrea got me to thinking about my savings, I want you to do the same. Let’s all save, build and grow together.



Beewisdom- Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are. –James W. Frick

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