Listen Dear Journal

I started journaling in middle school and I have never stopped. 

Journal Collection
Journal Collection

As a young woman it was my way of dealing with the death of my father.  My mother ALWAYS encouraged my love for reading and writing. Writing as in journaling.  Two of the many things that I try to pass down to my boys. 

As I grew older I used journaling as a way to not only release but to also reflect.

I look back at some of my journals, especially high school, and wonder “What was I thinking?” It’s funny how complaining about school, chores and boys was such a big deal.  In college it shifted to boys, choosing a major and partying. Later in life it was about serious relationships, marriage and kids.

 I use journaling as an adult to help me navigate this thing called life.  Journaling helped me get thru the death of my mother, my divorce and many other circumstances.  I try to start a new journal at the start of the New Year but if it’s been a trying year I’ll start when I run out of pages.

Having a pretty journal makes me want to write. Whenever I’m in a store I always find myself in the journal section. If you ever want to give me a gift…. A journal is a can’t miss.

Here is my current journal and yes it was a gift.

My Current Journal

Here are some journaling tips that you might find helpful.

  1. Write consistently.Think of journaling as a daily practice that you would incorporate into your routine as you would yoga or running. Aim to write in your journal each day for 20 minutes. The day-to-day expectation of creativity effectively confronts the thoughts and feelings that are keeping us up at night.
  2. Consider starting out each day journaling. A 2012 University of Toronto study published in the journal Emotion has shown that people are more optimistic in the morning. Writing first thing in the morning helps give you a fresh perspective and the chance to start the day off with a clear mind.
  3. Never self-edit.Write freely, without worrying about spelling or grammar, and without the burden of worrying about what others might think about the words you choose. This journal is for you, and you alone. It might take practice, as we are programmed throughout our lives to write for others, but once you get into the habit of writing freely, you will start to get a clearer picture of what your true feelings are and then be able to work through them.
  4. Record it all: the good, the bad, the ugly.It is important to list the happiest moments of your life as well as the lowest moments of your life. This helps give you perspective of the complete picture. In reviewing your journal, you will be able to step back and see the whole story of who you are and how you got to where you are: what defines you, and where you want to go. Further, self-analysis builds self-worth by validating the entirety of your world-view, including your goals and values.

Do you journal?  Why or why not? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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Beewisdom- “The nicest part is being able to write down all my thoughts and feelings; otherwise, I might suffocate- Anne Frank, from The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition

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