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Finding Your Passion at 50

Hello Honeybees,

I can NOT be the only one.

I can NOT be the only person who is still trying to define their purpose at 50.

I can NOT be the only person who is not totally satisfied with where they are in either their career, romantic life or financial life.

Could I be the only one?

Am I traveling this road alone?

When did you figure out your path? Who helped you find your way? How did you know what was your passion? Your purpose? Are they the same thing? I sometimes feel like I am behind the preverbal eight ball. I sometimes wish that I could go back & start again.  You know that ole hindsight is 20/20 thing.

I have always loved words. I’ve always loved writing. I’ve always loved books. My goal is to figure out how to turn that love into a business. How do I use this love? How does this passion lead me to profit? I feel like I have been on the brink of success but I’ve never been able to get over the edge.

Well, thankfully I have finally found my passion & my purpose and I am running full steam ahead in them. I’m not gonna sugar coat this & lie like I have everything figured out because I am a looonng way from that. But what I have figured out is that I have everything that I need to pursue both of them.

Black Tee: Merona-Target, Top: Ann Taylor, Jeans: Lucky Brand, Shoes: Merona-Target

I know my purpose & I work at it every day. But the execution of my passion is different from the execution of my purpose. Though they both align with one another, the way that they play out in my life is different and I am ok with that.

What’s your passion and purpose? Are they the same?

Beewisdom- We confuse the idea of having a job with fulfilling our purpose- Jay-Z

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