Sheltered Shopping

Hello Honeybees,

I admit it, I gave in, I hit the button! Why oh why must it be this way (in my EnVogue voice).

What did I do??? I shopped online.

I am NOT a big online shopping person. I am a feel, touch, hold, see, try on type of girl. But since I haven’t been able to do that I had to resort to Al Gores internet for what I needed, nope what I wanted. I didn’t do too bad but here are a few things that made their way to our package cage.

AirFryer & (Insta Pot)

It was a battle between the AirFryer and the Insta Pot. I know that I am so late to the party on this #verzuz but better late than never. I ordered the AirFryer from Target. As a Red Card member I got free shipping and a 5% discount. Winner,winner, crispy with no oil chicken dinner. Thanks to my boo Jerrica of Missyrussellbeauty I didn’t have to order the Insta Pot. Having awesome friends makes me a double winner.

Sheets and a Blanket

Off to Macy’s next. I have been trying to decorate my bedroom for 3 years but I could never settle on a color palette. I didn’t want to do pink & green because that’s to obvious. So I waited and finally figured out what I wanted and guess what colors I picked….white,grey,pink & green. Some things are just in you and you just stop fighting it. With that being decided and an extra 30% off I got new green sheets & a beautiful pink blanket.

Chanel Face Pads

Oh you fancy uh? This was my “splurge” purchase. It’s not practical at all but hey I needed to lift my spirits and for $20 and free shipping why not. I also wanted this Chanel box. This packaging is everything.


Support Local

I supported two of my favorite female local artists Mia & Nia. After hanging my other prints that I bought from them I felt like I needed two more. So after we can go outside again for real, I’ll get those framed and hung. I also ordered some hair oil from Andrea Fenise In Search Of Our Garden. This stuff is awesome at promoting hair growth. This is my second bottle but it won’t be my last.

I really need a few Spring & Summer pieces and a few pair of shoes but I definitely have to try all those things on. So until then I’m gonna let the sales go by me. Wish me luck!!

How much online shopping have you done since we started sheltering in place?

Beewisdom- On line shopping gives me a reason to live for another 3-5 business days or however long shipping takes these days.

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