Hello Honeybees

We are at the midpoint of 2020 and boy a lot happened in the second quarter. The first quarter for me was about Lent, hanging out, girlfriend time and thinking that by now the world would be back to normal. As we now know the world is anything but normal. 


Q2 brought us the stark reality of everything that is COVID-19. We went from dining out to curb side pick up. From everyone HAD to go into the office to everyone NOW working from home without an end date. From in person meetings to ZOOM, which I am SO OVER at this point. From washing your hands to washing your hands AND wear a mask AND stay 6 ft apart. To add more craziness people are actually refusing to wear a mask. How much more outrageous can we get? Well, keep reading.

On top of a global pandemic we also have to fight racism but this time on a much different level. It’s not like Black people haven’t been fighting but we haven’t, in my opinion, seen this level of activism since the Civil Rights Movement. We are STILL fighting for basic human rights, like….walking in the park, jogging down the street, going to the store, SLEEPING IN OUR OWN BED without losing our lives. We wish we had a true leader to help guide us through this period but unfortunately we are on our own. In November…..VOTE!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!!


On a personal note I stepped outside my comfort zone…. I started wearing my natural hair and I did a Facebook live. 

Quick hair story. I started transitioning in late 2018 by wearing braids. I wanted to “go natural” for years but was scared. Scared of what my natural hair would look like and how others might perceive it. Well I got over the what others might think part real quick and embraced my now fro. If you don’t like my fro then that’s on you. Blog post about this coming soon.

The Facebook live was for Beautiful Spirited Women, an organization that empowers, support and build confidence in young women. Up to this point I had never done a live. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on live television several times and that didn’t bother me. For some reason Facebook live scared me but it didn’t stop me. It was a wonderful experience of me sharing my blogging journey. I’m ready for another one….Who’s next?


I’ve shared some of my quarantine purchases here but for Q2 I made an effort to support Black women owned businesses. I received my first CurlBox. CurlBox is a natural hair product subscription founded my Myleik Teele. I purchased local honey from The Tea Bar by DIVINITY, got my Juneteenth tshirt from Ivy Storehouse and a new print from She is This.


As we head into Q3 and my birthday let’s all embrace that the world that we once knew is no longer a thing. The world is changing. People are sick & tired of being sick and tired. If you don’t know who said that….Google it!


How was your Q2?


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