Birthday Lessons

Hello Honeybees,  I've had 52 wonderful trips around the sun and it stands to reason that I have learned some valuable lessons. So to celebrate my birthday I am sharing some lessons that have helped to shape me. People are fine with you as long as you stay in the place that makes them comfortable.… Continue reading Birthday Lessons


Let’s Celebrate

Hello Honeybees, It’s a celebration at the honeycomb. On July 16, 2015 I pushed the send button on my very first blog post. It was scary, very scary but also very liberating. The blog has gone thru several changes, including name changes. I started with Blogging With Bee, then The Honeybee 901 and what I… Continue reading Let’s Celebrate


Summer 2016

Hello Honeybees, As we get ready to kick off the 2016-2017 school year I wanted to give you a glimpse into my summer. Some of the plans that I had didn’t happen because the 8 weeks of summer flew by so quick.  Between my activities and the boys activities two months just wasn’t enough time.… Continue reading Summer 2016


Go Bee It’s Your Birthday!!

Hello Honeybees, Today I hit the 4-8 mark!! Yep 48 years young! I am so grateful to see another year I don’t do a lot of celebrating for my birthday.  My boys and I will go to lunch, my choice, my treat.  I’m just excited that my two teenage boys want to spend time with… Continue reading Go Bee It’s Your Birthday!!