Birthday Lessons

Hello Honeybees, 

I’ve had 52 wonderful trips around the sun and it stands to reason that I have learned some valuable lessons. So to celebrate my birthday I am sharing some lessons that have helped to shape me.

  • People are fine with you as long as you stay in the place that makes them comfortable. When you step outside of the comfort zone that they have for you, they say that you are changing and they have a hard time handling it. But that’s the time that you know that you are growing. That’s the time when you should grow faster and stronger. Don’t ever let someone dictate your growth. If they can’t handle your growth then they don’t have your best interest at heart. Don’t ever stop growing no matter what.


  • Privilege is a powerful drug. Be sure not to overdose.


  • People will always have the right solution to the problem until it’s their problem to solve. Somethings are easier said than done.


  • When people push you in a negative way…stand up and push back. Don’t let people run over you, you deserve better than that, hell you are better than that.


  • Don’t miss this one… the Donald Trumps of this world won’t always look or act like him. Some exhibit the same tendencies they are just smoother with it.

  • You are never too old to start over. Don’t live in a space of fear. Do what makes your spirit happy & your soul sing.


  • You have a special power, embrace it, use it. Believe in yourself & don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Get out of your own head.


  • You can be your biggest cheerleader or your biggest distraction, it’s up to you.


  • If you’ve never driven a car you can’t teach me how to drive. If you’ve never turned on a stove you can’t teach me how to bake. Watch who you take advice from & watch who you follow.


  • When people throw you under the bus don’t give them the opportunity to back up over you.

  • You are a beacon of hope for someone, share your story, God gave it to you for a reason.


  • Go to therapy, not because it’s the “in”thing to do but because we all have stuff to deal with.


  • Don’t live in a mindset of bare minimum, live in a mindset of abundance.


  • We can’t help getting older but we don’t have to get old.

  • Don’t let one scene takeover the story of your whole life.


  • People interpret what you say based on their experience.

Last but certainly not least….

  • Protect your melanin, wear sunscreen.

I hope that you have enjoyed these lessons. I look forward to sharing more lessons next year. Meet me here July 16, 2020!


Beewisdom-Mistakes are made, lessons are learned- Kushandwizdom

3 thoughts on “Birthday Lessons

  1. Happy Birthday my smart, sassy Soror!!! I love you and your Beewisdom (made up word). Thank you for sharing….Sharrion


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