I’m So Inspired

Hello Honeybees, Inspire was one of my words for 2019 and when I tell you that these first two months of the year have truly been inspiring...believe me they have. And not in the way that you might think. My initial thought for the word inspire was for ME to inspire others. There have been… Continue reading I’m So Inspired


Greatest Love Of All

Hello Honeybees, The month of February is usually focused on love and most of us automatically think of love in a romantic sense. Which is only natural but there is one love that must be achieved before any other kind of love can reach its full potential. That love is SELF LOVE.   Loving yourself… Continue reading Greatest Love Of All


My City Tasting Tour

Hello Honeybees, If you ask anyone that has lived in Memphis for a while who has the best barbecue you will probably get the answer: my backyard or my uncle, brother, daddy or cousin etc. There are a lot, I mean a lot of folks in Memphis that can werk a barbecue grill. It's a Memphis… Continue reading My City Tasting Tour