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What’s you SUPERPOWER?

Hello Honeybees,

If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be? Would you like to have super strength like Superman, super speed like The Flash, the ability to fly like Wonder Woman or would you want to be like Storm with the ability to manipulate the weather? If you ask me today I might say Storm because I need for Spring to come and stay and to quit playing with my emotions.

We all have a superpower. Discovering what that superpower is can be tricky. Your superpower is what sets you apart from everyone else. You might not call it a superpower but to the rest of us it’s most definitely your superpower.

This has become a popular interview question as well as a college/scholarship essay question. In my house we have been in the college/scholarship process for several months now. My son has had to dig deep at age 17 to figure out his current superpower. Because he is only 17 I know that his superpower will probably change. He has a the ability to quickly analyze a situation and make a decision. There is not a lot of self doubt with him.

But it got me to thinking about my superpower. What sets me apart?  What makes me standout from those around me?

One of my favorite superpowers is the ability to find the positive in any situation. My glass is always half full. Don’t get me wrong I live in a realistic world but I choose to find the good. It’s a very intentional decision. I don’t see the purpose of being negative, it just adds frown lines and shorten your days (as the old folks use to say). And who wants to be around negative people? Think about the people you meet on a daily basis, would you want to be around them again if all they brought to the table was negativity? Would you invite them to dinner? Would you want to spend any more of your precious time with them? I like to think that I attract what I’m putting out. So I attract genuinely positive people. If you hang around with me long enough my positivity will rub off on you.

I also believe that women by nature have the superpower of intuition. We can just feel when something is not right. I never realized how powerful my intuition was until I became a mother. And as I get older it seems to be getting stronger. Now I make it a practice to not ignore it and when another women shares her intuition with me I listen to her too. We are all stronger together.

Now, if I had to pick one super hero superpower, superpower… it would be the ability to kick some butt like the Dora Milaje in the Black Panther movie. You wouldn’t want to try me in a dark alley. LOL!!

What’s your superpower? What super hero superpower do you wish you possessed?


Beewisdom- Being ME is my superpower

I’m So Inspired

Hello Honeybees,

Inspire was one of my words for 2019 and when I tell you that these first two months of the year have truly been inspiring…believe me they have. And not in the way that you might think. My initial thought for the word inspire was for ME to inspire others. There have been numerous occasions where that has happened. It hasn’t all been big moments but it’s the little moments that have truly opened my eyes and heart. It’s been everything from encouraging someone to take a leap of faith to sending a thinking about you text.

But the biggest surprise to me has been how other people are inspiring me. When someone takes the time to reach out to me for help that inspires me. It means that I’m on the right track. It means that I have something of value to add to their life and that they trust me. When I see someone succeeding at something it inspires me to keep pushing. Watching people find happiness or fall in love or watching people mend a broken relationship. Their success and happiness means we get to celebrate and who doesn’t like a celebration.

If being inspired and inspiring others keeps up this pace, 2019 is on track to be one of the best and happiest years of my life.

Who are you inspiring? Who is inspiring you?

Beewisdom- Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.

Greatest Love Of All

Hello Honeybees,

The month of February is usually focused on love and most of us automatically think of love in a romantic sense. Which is only natural but there is one love that must be achieved before any other kind of love can reach its full potential.

That love is SELF LOVE.


Loving yourself sounds like a no brainer but for some people it is not an easy task. If you have never been encouraged to love yourself or if you’ve never had people show you love just because you exist or because you are important to them, then it’s hard to understand self-love.

Loving yourself means not accepting less than you deserve in any situation or relationship. It means saying no to things and people that don’t have your best interest at heart.

Loving yourself first and foremost is the ultimate meaning of self-love. Putting yourself first is not being selfish it’s one of the highest forms of self-love.

Here are a few steps to help you practice a little or hopefully a lot of self-love:

Focus on being someone who loves! When you give love or show love it comes back to you. You attract what you put out.

Act on what you need rather than what you want! Turn away from things that get you in trouble or keep you stuck in the past. That includes people & things. Make sure your needs are met before your wants.

Practice good self-care! Take care of your temple. When you put in the work you feel better about you.

Challenge negative thoughts about yourself! – You are not perfect but guess what, no one is. Try not to entertain or internalize negative thoughts. Easier said than done. When negative thoughts come, push them out with something positive.

Set boundaries & Protect yourself! – This includes people and activities. But also make sure you are bringing the right people into your life.

Forgive yourself! – Don’t carry the guilt of the past. You learned the lesson, take heed and move on Martha, move on!

Live intentionally! – Live life with purpose and feel good about that purpose.

I hope that we all practice self-love EVERYDAY! How do you practice self-love?


Beewisdom- “Self-love, self-respect, self-worth: There’s a reason they all start with ‘self.’ You can’t find them in anyone else.” ~Unknown

My City Tasting Tour

Hello Honeybees,

If you ask anyone that has lived in Memphis for a while who has the best barbecue you will probably get the answer: my backyard or my uncle, brother, daddy or cousin etc. There are a lot, I mean a lot of folks in Memphis that can werk a barbecue grill. It’s a Memphis thing mane!

But if for some reason you are like me, not a big barbecue fan but you love good food & Memphis then I have a treat for your palate. It’s called City Tasting Tours. This tour was on my 2019 bucket list and now I can scratch it off.

Started almost 3 years ago, Cristina McCarter has definitely earned her title of culinary guide. She takes you on a guided tour of the South Main Arts District while sampling some of the best LOCAL food that Memphis has to offer.

Our first stop was Pontotoc Lounge. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have driven past this restaurant & never knew it existed. Our first dish was the pot roast. This is not what I expected from this establishment but man oh man was it delicious. Just like grandma use to make.  You can add alcohol to your tour, which gets you an alcoholic beverage at every stop. Bottoms up!

As we walk to our next stop, Cristina gives us some local history. Tunnels, ghost & brothels oh my!! And being that this is the arts district there is art all around you. Memphis has it all.

Next up is the  409 S. Main Market Food Hall. This building houses several eateries, a coffee shop and a bar. I can say that I have been to this building but only for events on the 3rd floor, but never just to eat. I have been missing out. We enjoyed tacos from Venga and a turkey sandwich from City Block Salumeria. Y’all so darn good. The bacon on the turkey sandwich was thick and crispy and the bun was so soft. At this point I’m starting to feel a little full but we have 2 more stops to make.


As we are walking down South Main St. we pass several local shops that I have heard about but never knew where to find them. We saw all of the new construction that is taking place, hotels, movie theater and yes another restaurant and of course the history that comes with the National Civil Rights Museum. We stop at The Vault, which use to be a, you guessed it….a bank. There we have a trio of fried catfish with a dill tartar sauce, a beet salad with goat cheese & candied pecans and a crab cake with remoulade sauce. My taste buds where in heaven I tell ya. But we STILL had one more stop.

You can’t have all of this food without dessert. It’s Memphis mane! So of course we went to Makedas for Lemon Icebox pie made with Makedas famous butter cookies. OH..EM…GEE!! This pie was so good. Not to tart but with just the right amount of sweetness. I really, really wanted to purchase a whole pie but I bought some cookies for my sons. They have a variety of other cookie flavors. I think the iced oatmeal is my favorite, or maybe the chocolate pecan. Either way no one in my house was disappointed.

After the tour I had a chance to sit with Cristina to get a little more background. Cristina wanted to start the tours years ago after having participated in ones in other cities but the restaurant options were just not available. But as downtown & especially South Main began to grow thankfully she acted on her vision and City Tasting Tours was born. Ironically she gets more locals than tourists, which is not a bad thing because this local learned so much about her city & found new places to enjoy on the regular.

Be on the lookout for the Craft Food & Wine Festival at The Columns June 23rd hosted by Cristina. Early bird tickets are on sale here. I can’t wait to support her and her vision and eat. Also she has a Soul Food tour coming and you know you don’t want to miss that.

Thank you Erica for the invite and thank you Cristina for a wonderful experience and for teaching me about my city. Head over the City Tasting Tours website to book your tour NOW!


Beewisdom- Good Food, Good Mood

Consistently Inspired

Hello Honeybees,
Happy New Year!!
Every January I select a word here that helps me to set the expectation for the new year. 2018’s word was FLOURISH. And in some aspects of my life I did just that. I became more confident & comfortable in my skin. I began to appreciate ME more. I also grew my social media presence being authentically me. My faith walk also flourished in 2018. I spent more time studying the word and actually being present in church.
This year I decided on two words. My words for 2019 are INSPIRE & CONSISTENT.
I want to inspire others in whatever way possible. I want my life to be an inspiration. I want everything that I do to have a positive affect on those around me. Not that my life is perfect because it’s far from it but we can all be an inspiration to others.
Some ways that I hope to inspire:
  • I want to show others that being 50 plus is not a time for slowing down but a time to ramp up life. It’s a time to experience what I call ageless living.
  • For me it’s time for more life experiences and less being so cautious.
  • I want my relationship with my almost adult children to start growing into a very slow & steady friendship. Slow & steady because I’m still momma & I’m not your little friend.
Consistent is the word for my creative & spiritual life. I’ve been blogging for a while but I’ve not been truly consistent. I want to change that in 2019. In order to truly grow my brand I have to be consistent in creating the best content possible.
As for my spiritual walk, I want to read the Bible in a year & complete the Purpose Driven Life 30 day journal. I want to be more consistent in attending church. That means going even when I have every “real” excuse in the book. I can’t expect God to show up for me when I don’t show up for him.
So Honeybees, there you have it. Inspire & Consistent! Words to live by for 2019. I ask you to hold me accountable. When you see me slacking PLEASE drop me a text,email or dm to help me get back on track.
Here’s to a happy & prosperous 2019
Top: Target, Pants: Banana Republic (thrifted), Vest: Thrifted, Shoes: Bandolino (TJmaxx), Necklace: Target, Purse: Thrifted
Beewisdom- Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still- Chinese Proverb

Who Told You No?

Hello Honeybees,

Who told you that you couldn’t do something? Who told you that it would be to hard? That you are to old or to young? Who told you that you couldn’t do it because you didn’t have the right education? Who said you didn’t know the right people?

My question to you is this… did you listen? If you did listen…WHY?
Was it because of the position this person holds in your life? Was it a teacher? Friend? Your boss? Parent? Spouse?

We let people get inside our heads and hearts & talk us out of our vision. We can feel the pull of our vision. We know deep in our soul where our passion lies but we let others talk us out of pursuing it.

We, that includes ME, have to get past the NO’s and move towards our YES. I can respect the opinion of those close to me but in the end it’s up to me to take action on MY vision. I might receive a whole lot of no’s but it only takes one yes. My yes!

Yes, you can start that business. Yes you can change careers. Yes you can start that blog. Yes you can learn a new hobby. Yes you can write that book. Yes you can move to another state. Yes you can follow your vision.

Top:Banana Republic, Pants: Thrifted at Goodwill, Shoes:Antonio Melani-Dillards, Purse:Dillards


I’m challenging us to turn every NO into a YES!

Beewisdom- Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes. Eleanor Roosevelt

Under The Influence

Hello Honeybees,

This week I am sharing some of my favorite social media “influencers”. A social media influencer (SMI) is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. They have access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

Future Influencer

I follow a lot of SMI’s and I’m not going to lie, I have purchased stuff based on their recommendation, mostly clothes, skin care, makeup and food. But it’s all within reason. I’m not going to buy something that I would never wear or use.  Also, I value the opinion of the SMI’s that I follow. They are not too far removed from my lifestyle.  Most are mothers on a budget and are very relateable.

Go follow them all on Instagram to get a daily look into not only their lives but the business of their influence.

So in no particular order here are a few of my favorite social media influencers.

Dayna Bolden

Talk about when it’s your time… Dayna has been blogging for over 5 years. It was when she started being consistent & truly putting in the work that the “Glow Up” happened. Dayna has been able to leave her 9-5 & become a full time blogger/influencer. She balances being a wife & a mother to her daughter Ari in the city of Baltimore. The thing that I love most about Dayna is her genuine spirit. She is so open & always dropping gems. Full disclosure… I am a member of The Bold Tribe. A group of women that Dayna is mentoring. We spent two hours talking about MY brand & how to grow it. When we were done I had a blueprint for my brand & the tools to execute it.

Baby Shopaholic

This Atlanta wife is the mother of two beautiful daughters. To say that I love her daughters is an understatement. Her oldest Peyton will one day win a gymnastics gold medal & her baby Harper will do whatever she wants to and everyone else better move out of her way. Trina is the Aldi queen and real to the core. She shops in the same places that I shop, Walmart, Target etc. She cooks meals that I would cook. But don’t let that fool you. She will break out the designer threads on you but that’s not her focus. I love that Trina shares the real about life and marriage. Last month I had the opportunity to meet Trina when she came to Memphis to do a brand pop up.

Unlikely Martha

Wife, mother of a son and daughter and my sorority sister! I found Mimi through another sorority sister two years ago at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, Boule in Atlanta. Mimi lives in the ATL & is a full time blogger/influencer. Her daughter is a future ballerina whose morning bus stop dance starts my day. Mimi keeps house and she really does stay fly. She has a beautiful garden in her backyard where she grows vegetables. I love watching the relationship between her & her husband. They are so down to earth. Follow them on IG for some real life marital fun. I also had a chance to meet Mimi when she to came to Memphis for a brand pop up.

This That Beauty

A New Jersey wife, and mother to Phoebe and skin care guru. I started following Felicia when she was holding down a 9 to 5. When I need ANY skincare advice or direction I’m heading to her blog for answers. A former social media beauty editor for Bergdorf Goodman she shares both high end & low end products. She literally puts her skin on the line trying out products for us. She’s so down to earth. She’s been known to wear the same outfit more than one day in a row (gasp)….that’s real life because if you didn’t see her in it, it’s new to you.


At Home With Nikki

Need to get your home or office in order? Follow Nikki. Her common sense approach to organizing is unmatched. Not only will you be organized but it will look stylish too. “Let’s jump right in” & “hello friends” are her signature phrases.  Her husband is retired military so Nikki has lived and traveled the world. She was a corporate executive so she knows how an efficient organized office should look. Nikki’s home is organizational goals for me. Check out her YouTube Channels. You won’t be disappointed.

Of course there are plenty more influencers that I follow and enjoy but these ladies are clutch. If you are not following them then you are missing out. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Beewisdom- There is incredible power in the arts to inspire and influence- Julie Taymor