Birthday Lessons

Hello Honeybees,  I've had 52 wonderful trips around the sun and it stands to reason that I have learned some valuable lessons. So to celebrate my birthday I am sharing some lessons that have helped to shape me. People are fine with you as long as you stay in the place that makes them comfortable.… Continue reading Birthday Lessons


Positively Strong

Hello Honeybees, A few weeks ago I talked about my superpower of always finding the positive in any situation. I had a post that I was working on for last week that I never posted that talked about being positive on purpose. Well that post never made it past the draft stage for two reasons:… Continue reading Positively Strong


What’s you SUPERPOWER?

Hello Honeybees, If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be? Would you like to have super strength like Superman, super speed like The Flash, the ability to fly like Wonder Woman or would you want to be like Storm with the ability to manipulate the weather? If you ask me… Continue reading What’s you SUPERPOWER?


Extending GRACE

Hello Honeybees, Have you ever extended grace to someone? Has someone ever extended grace to you? What does it even mean to extend grace to someone? Having something that you don’t deserve is God’s grace to us. He extends his grace to us every day but do we return that grace to those around us?… Continue reading Extending GRACE