Two Weeks

Hello Honeybees,


Life comes at you fast, sometimes a little too fast.
Two weeks ago I was in Chicago with my god daughter doing a college tour. I was enjoying the unexpectedly beautiful weather, strolling down Michigan Ave popping into stores looking at things that are definitely not in my budget. I was being cautious with the extra hand washing, using hand sanitizer & wiping down surfaces. This was not new as it is a habit especially when traveling. But oh how things took a turn.


Two weeks!! Who knew that in two weeks life as I & many others know it would be turned upside down.


Getting back into Memphis on a Sunday, resting on Monday, getting back in the work grove on Tuesday, preparing for a big work event scheduled for Thursday and ready for the local school district to go on Spring Break (work would slow down a little). Colleges would start to extend Spring Break. My son who attends Xavier University Of Louisiana had Spring Break a long side Mardi Gras so they were already back in the swing of college life. The school decided to go to online learning but students could stay on campus. He wanted to stay & I wanted him to stay.
Thursday we had to postpone a big work event and SCS Spring Break was extended for an extra week. Friday we were told to work from home the next week.


By Sunday I was on the road to NOLA to bring my baby home. Monday evening the school decided to close the dorms but we were home safe.



Wednesday my oldest son was laid off from his restaurant job.


Thursday the city was officially on lock down.


Two weeks!! In two weeks I went from enjoying the normal things in life to social distancing. No hanging out, no browsing in stores, no nothing. I go to the store for essentials only and back home. The comfort of being able to go downstairs in my building to grab coffee or just to hang out and people watch is on hold. Most places have been forced to temporarily close so there are no people to watch.



Unexpected life changes like Covid-19 can really catch us off guard. But it’s how we react to it that matters most. I am optimistic that we will all come out of this as better people. We will learn to be grateful for the people who REALLY keep our world moving. We will be happy to say hello to strangers. We will welcome that hug from a loved one. Hanging out with our family and friends will have a new and deeper meaning.


I think that we have a few more weeks of social distancing before we can start to ease back into “normal” life and I am ready for it.


Hang in there y’all we can do this!! BYE!
Beewisdom-People change, things go wrong, shit happens, but life goes on- Unknown

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks

  1. Yes! I went from being so excited about being booked solid for the first AND second quarter for speaking (for the first time ever), about to finally get to start work on my school district contract that was approved the week before (after six months of trying to get it signed), and preparing to host the biggest Distinguished Alumni Awards program in our university’s history..and more. All canceled in that same two week period. In addition, all Airbnb revenue gone. Suddenly. But I see the positive in ALL of this. and I’ve been blogging about that! #atleast #sowhat


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