Bored In The House

Hello Honeybees,
Are you bored in the house, cause you’re in the house bored? I know you’ve heard the song and if you are like me you are tired of hearing it, even though it may be absolutely true.
I asked my sons, one 20 & the other 18 how they were handling the whole shelter in place. My oldest was furloughed from his restaurant job and my youngest had to return home from his freshman year of college. I asked them both the same questions and here is what they shared with me:
How do you feel about not working/leaving school?
20 yo: A little worried wondering when/if they will reopen and relieved because I needed a break but since I don’t have vacation time I couldn’t justify taking the time off.
18 yo: Not happy about having to leave school and NOLA. I miss the end of year plans that I made with my friends. We stay connected thru our group chat and Snapchat
 What do you miss the most?
20 yo: Working & being outside without worry but relieved that there’s not a lot of people around our building
18 yo: Being around my friends. Studying with friends, hanging out with friends.

 How do you spend your day?
20 yo: Playing video games, reading, Netflix, YouTube, writing
18 yo: Class, laptop, Twitter and video games
What’s the first thing that you want to do when outside opens up?
20 yo: Driving lessons (yes he’s an extremely late bloomer)
18 yo: Go back to school. Hopefully find a summer job if possible
How are you feeling emotionally?
20 yo: Doing pretty good, not stressed especially after my unemployment kicked in
18 yo: Fine. Okay.
How are you staying mentally grounded?
20 yo: Playing video games and writing whenever the creative
mood hits
18 yo: Talking to people on the internet.

How has this changed your day to day life?
20 yo: It hasn’t except for work.
18 yo: Educational wise I hate online classes because being in class I am very engaged and focused. I get easily distracted at home.
  How has this changed your outlook on your future?
20 yo: It hasn’t
18 yo: I’m not surprised by this outcome because of who is the president. Politically & economically nothing will change unless we change the whole governmental system. What we have is not working. I predict a new system for my grandchildren.
As a mother I am watching, talking and asking questions. I hope to guide them through this time with as much ease as I possibly can, all while keeping my sanity in the process. It’s not always easy because they don’t want to always open up. I was very surprised that they even sat down to answer these questions. It’s a good step in the right direction, I’ll take it.


How are your young people doing?

Beewisdom-“The glory of youth is youthful strength.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

4 thoughts on “Bored In The House

  1. My teenager eat, sleep, and up tube when I don’t her doing homeschooled assignments, project, or household chores.


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