Bored In The House

Hello Honeybees, Are you bored in the house, cause you're in the house bored? I know youโ€™ve heard the song and if you are like me you are tired of hearing it, even though it may be absolutely true. I asked my sons, one 20 & the other 18 how they were handling the whole… Continue reading Bored In The House


I Remember Momma

Hello Honeybees, On Sunday many of us will have the blessing of picking up the phone and calling or Face Timing our Mothers to say thank you & I love you. Some of us will say a prayer to our mothers in heaven. Many will have flowers, cards & gifts delivered. The usual of going… Continue reading I Remember Momma


Daddy Lessons

Hello Honeybees, My daddy Alabama, momma ..... okay thatโ€™s it because my momma was born right here in Memphis,Tennessee and we ainโ€™t nowhere near creole but Chicago brought them together so I don't know what that makes me......Lol!!! Last month for Motherโ€™s Day I shared a lesson that my mom taught me so for Fathers… Continue reading Daddy Lessons