Daddy Lessons

Hello Honeybees, My daddy Alabama, momma ..... okay that’s it because my momma was born right here in Memphis,Tennessee and we ain’t nowhere near creole but Chicago brought them together so I don't know what that makes me......Lol!!! Last month for Mother’s Day I shared a lesson that my mom taught me so for Fathers… Continue reading Daddy Lessons


Hot Springs Weekend

Hello Honeybees, Sometimes 48 hours is all you need to get in alignment. This past weekend I was able to do just that. I got away for 48 hours with my aunt, a friend and two of my cousins to help celebrate my aunts birthday. We didn’t go far but this trip accomplished it’s mission… Continue reading Hot Springs Weekend


Merry Christmas

Hello Honeybees, It’s the most wonderful time of the year Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Not because of the presents but because of all the celebrations that happen.  Between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas day we are invited to numerous parties, whether it’s for a work or play.  It’s a time to… Continue reading Merry Christmas


Happiness or Success

Hello Honeybees, I have been debating this question: What do I want more out of life happiness or success? Is this an either or? Can I not have both? IF I HAD to choose between the two I would choose HAPPINESS. Success does not guarantee happiness!  You can be successful at a lot of things… Continue reading Happiness or Success


A Letter To My Father

Dear Daddy, In a few days we will celebrate Father’s Day. Not only is June the month that we celebrate Father’s Day it’s also your birthday month.   I am so proud to be your daughter.  Although we only had ten years together, those were some of my best childhood memories. They helped to shape the… Continue reading A Letter To My Father