I Remember Momma

Hello Honeybees,
On Sunday many of us will have the blessing of picking up the phone and calling or Face Timing our Mothers to say thank you & I love you. Some of us will say a prayer to our mothers in heaven. Many will have flowers, cards & gifts delivered. The usual of going to church and taking momma out to eat will look a lot different this year but we will find a way to make her day special. We have to because it’s momma.
I still have the jewelry box that I gifted my mom one year. It didn’t cost much but she loved it. As a mother myself I get it. It really isn’t the gift but the love and thought behind the gift.  No matter how my sons show appreciation for Mother’s Day it will mean the world to me. They’ll probably cook me breakfast and TRY to make my coffee the way I like it. I probably won’t get a gift until after we can go outside again because they don’t think far enough in advance to hit up Amazon or
The best gift that they can give me this year is to stay inside until it’s safe. The peace of mind that I have knowing that they are safe & healthy is priceless. Are they eating up every thing in the house, yep, but I’m okay with that.
No matter how you show your mother some love on Sunday I bet your being safe, healthy and happy would be at the top of her list. Oh and don’t just show love on Sunday, momma deserves that love. EVERYDAY.


Happy Mother’s Day!!
Beewisdom-All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” —Abraham Lincoln


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