Live Life NOW!

Hello Honeybees,This last year has really taught me some lessons. Thankfully the lessons were taught lessons instead of bought lessons. Bought lessons can be very expensive both emotionally and financially.  One lesson that I am taking to heart is to enjoy life everyday. For the purpose of this post I’m talking about enjoying material things.… Continue reading Live Life NOW!


Bored In The House

Hello Honeybees, Are you bored in the house, cause you're in the house bored? I know you’ve heard the song and if you are like me you are tired of hearing it, even though it may be absolutely true. I asked my sons, one 20 & the other 18 how they were handling the whole… Continue reading Bored In The House


Two Weeks

Hello Honeybees,   Life comes at you fast, sometimes a little too fast. Two weeks ago I was in Chicago with my god daughter doing a college tour. I was enjoying the unexpectedly beautiful weather, strolling down Michigan Ave popping into stores looking at things that are definitely not in my budget. I was being… Continue reading Two Weeks