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Two Weeks

Hello Honeybees,


Life comes at you fast, sometimes a little too fast.
Two weeks ago I was in Chicago with my god daughter doing a college tour. I was enjoying the unexpectedly beautiful weather, strolling down Michigan Ave popping into stores looking at things that are definitely not in my budget. I was being cautious with the extra hand washing, using hand sanitizer & wiping down surfaces. This was not new as it is a habit especially when traveling. But oh how things took a turn.


Two weeks!! Who knew that in two weeks life as I & many others know it would be turned upside down.


Getting back into Memphis on a Sunday, resting on Monday, getting back in the work grove on Tuesday, preparing for a big work event scheduled for Thursday and ready for the local school district to go on Spring Break (work would slow down a little). Colleges would start to extend Spring Break. My son who attends Xavier University Of Louisiana had Spring Break a long side Mardi Gras so they were already back in the swing of college life. The school decided to go to online learning but students could stay on campus. He wanted to stay & I wanted him to stay.
Thursday we had to postpone a big work event and SCS Spring Break was extended for an extra week. Friday we were told to work from home the next week.


By Sunday I was on the road to NOLA to bring my baby home. Monday evening the school decided to close the dorms but we were home safe.



Wednesday my oldest son was laid off from his restaurant job.


Thursday the city was officially on lock down.


Two weeks!! In two weeks I went from enjoying the normal things in life to social distancing. No hanging out, no browsing in stores, no nothing. I go to the store for essentials only and back home. The comfort of being able to go downstairs in my building to grab coffee or just to hang out and people watch is on hold. Most places have been forced to temporarily close so there are no people to watch.



Unexpected life changes like Covid-19 can really catch us off guard. But it’s how we react to it that matters most. I am optimistic that we will all come out of this as better people. We will learn to be grateful for the people who REALLY keep our world moving. We will be happy to say hello to strangers. We will welcome that hug from a loved one. Hanging out with our family and friends will have a new and deeper meaning.


I think that we have a few more weeks of social distancing before we can start to ease back into “normal” life and I am ready for it.


Hang in there y’all we can do this!! BYE!
Beewisdom-People change, things go wrong, shit happens, but life goes on- Unknown

My Blue Apron Experience

Hello Honeybees,

I know that I’m late to the party but I was finally able to try Blue Apron thanks to one of my fellow Memphis Moms Blog boos.  Blue Apron allows you to gift free boxes to friends which is how I received mine. I was excited to try it and so were my sons especially my youngest. They knew about Blue Apron from seeing the commercials on Youtube.

After following the link that she sent to me I entered the required information. Yes, you have to enter a form of payment. I ALWAYS hate this because it adds work for me on the back end to cancel it before I am billed for it. But since I REALLY wanted to try Blue Apron I went for it.I was able to put in dietary restrictions and number of servings & select from a menu. Then it was time to sit back and wait for my shipment to arrive.

The timing of my shipment was perfect. It came the day before the snow/ice hit Memphis. I didn’t get a chance to go to the grocery store so we were running low on food.

The box was well insulated and everything was still cool. I loved that everything was individually wrapped and labeled. The recipe cards are big and colorful with very detailed instructions. I cooked the first meal which was a Ginger Steak & vegetables. My youngest son Matthew cooked the second meal which was chicken, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes.

The Ginger Steak meal was not one that I would tackle after working all day.  The recipe cards gives you and estimated cook time. There were a lot of steps and timing issues. This was a meal for someone with a little skill in the kitchen. The meal was delicious and the flavor was amazing. You receive everything that you need to cook the meal except salt & pepper, water and oil.

The chicken, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes was delicious, quick and easy. Matthew handled it like a future chef.

I did order a second box with salmon and ground beef just to try something different. What I enjoyed the most was not having to shop for all of the ingredients, that it came to my front door and the step by step instructions.  If you can work Blue Apron in your budget, it’s worth it.


Beewisdom- Usually, one’s cooking is better than one thinks it is- Julia Child


These Are My Confessions

Hello Honeybees,


I grew up in the Catholic Church & attended Catholic schools from grades 1-12.  Going to confession was something that I remember doing at least twice a year.  When I was younger I would make up stuff for confession. How crazy is that. The only things that I had to confess would have been lying to my mother. Boring I know! I needed something more interesting so I made up stuff.  When I finally got to the point in my life where I really did have something to confess I was no longer a practicing Catholic. So now my confessions are just between me & God.

This is not going to be me sharing my dirty laundry with the world but rather a more humorous look at my life.

 Cue Usher………So here are my confessions…


I do not know how to grocery shop.  When I was married the mister did a much better job of this than me.  When I leave the grocery store I have all of these bags and still don’t have anything to eat for the week.  Just crazy and mad expensive, especially when I’m trying to feed two teenage boys.

I am an introvert most of the time.  I truly enjoy my own company. That comes from being an only child I guess.  I don’t like huge crowds.  They can be a bit overwhelming to me. I have not attended events because I know that there will be a crowd & just the thought of it takes away my joy. On the other side, being around people inspires me…truly special I know.


I despise being stuck in traffic. This is another reason that I don’t like big crowds. All of the traffic that comes with the event.  It’s really bad if I’m the driver.  My patience just cannot handle the sitting & barley moving. When I attend a Grizzles game I will leave before the crowd or wait until the crowd has moved on before I leave.

One last one… I don’t like mean people.  People who are not nice for no reason at all really irk me.  Life is too short to go out of your way to be mean. It’s not hard to be nice, really it’s not.  Being nice to others can only help to bring joy to your world.

So there you have it….my confessions. And I didn’t have to make them up.

What do you need to confess?  I’m listening

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Beewisdom-Confession is good for the soul

I’ve Got The Blues

Hello Honeybees,

I think….  No, I know that I am having a bout of the winter blues. 

Yes, there is such a thing as the winter blues. Even though it’s not officially winter… it’s dark AND cold…. So to my body It’s Winter!


Two weeks ago I was so full of energy. So much so that I attended 3, YES 3, events in one week. For those that know me, you know that me getting out of the house 3 nights in a row is unheard of. But since then I haven’t had the energy to go anywhere or do anything extra. It’s work & home.

There is a medical term for the winter blues.  It’s called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Technically the Winter Blues is a mild form of SAD.  The good thing is that I recognize that something is wrong and I can take the needed steps to get back on track. I’m going to deal with this head on. 

Some symptoms of the winter blues include: Significant, lasting, downturn of mood, less energy, fatigue, craving for carbs (potatoes are my friend), less interest in being around other people, less interest in activities that you use to like. What makes the winter blues different than SAD is that these feelings go away in the Spring and Summer.  Between 10-20% of Americans may suffer from mild symptoms associated with the winter blues. SAD has been linked to a biochemical imbalance brought on by the shortening of daylight hours and a lack of sunlight in winter. 

So now what?  How do I get over the winter blues?

  • Expose yourself to light
  • Keep a regular routine/schedule
  • Have a regular pattern of sleep; get enough sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do fun things
  • Eat in a healthy way; avoid overeating



I am determined to NOT let the winter blues get the best of me. I’m going to get out this weekend to hang with some blogger friends and set my goals for 2017.  I AM READY FOR SPRING!!

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How do you deal with the winter blues?

Beewisdom- Keep calm and pretend you are on the beach

Giving Thanks

Hello Honeybees,

Today is the day that we set aside time with family to give THANKS.  I would like to think that we give thanks everyday and that we gather with our families on the regular. I would like to think that the only thing that makes today different is that it’s a Thursday.   

These last few months there has been so much sadness. I lost a cousin, a friend lost a spouse and another friend also lost a cousin. When we celebrated Thanksgiving 2015 we had no idea that they would not be with us. So this year I am especially thankful for my family. 


A few members of my work team showed me the true meaning of being grateful. I was so moved by their actions that I  know that it was nothing but God speaking to me. He was telling me to be grateful for the little because He has so much more.

So today as I gather with my family and you gather with yours be grateful and thankful that you have them.  This year celebrate LIFE.

One more thing……. I’m also grateful for YOU!!! Thank you for visiting & sharing in my space. I do not take you or your time for granted.  Many blessings to you & our family.

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Beewisdom- Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart-Seneca

Happiness or Success

Hello Honeybees,

I have been debating this question: What do I want more out of life happiness or success?

Is this an either or?

Can I not have both?

IF I HAD to choose between the two I would choose HAPPINESS.

Success does not guarantee happiness!  You can be successful at a lot of things but they might not make you happy.  There are a lot of people that are extremely successful in their chosen career but are not happy at all. The money is good and the title is impressive but happy…NOPE.   You might be successful in college, making the grades, but you might not be happy. We all know someone who graduated from college but are not happy because they picked a safe major. You know the major that would ensure that they found a “good job” after graduation but it stifled their natural creativity.

When I think of happiness I think of people, places and things that put a smile on my face People, places and things that make my heart all warm and fuzzy.


For me happiness is seeing my children smile, or when they give me a hug & say I Love You.  Happiness is having a career that lets me make a difference in the community.  Happiness is knowing that I am blessed.  Happiness is having an amazing support system of family & friends.

So YES I choose Happiness over Success and guess what…..

That makes ME happy

What makes you happy?

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Beewisdom-Happiness is the highest level of success-author unknown


Hello Honeybees,

This month I have the privilege of completing chapter 1 of BloggingWithBee and starting Chapter 2

This month I will finish chapter 48 of my life and start chapter 49

This month I will start chapter 4 of my nonprofit career

Next month I will start writing chapter 17 of parenthood

This year I started writing chapter 9 of being single again

So many chapters in just one book but this is the book that I only get to co-author. God is the author of  the book of my life.  He writes the stories and uses me to bring them to life.  So maybe I’m not the co-author but I am the main character.

book pic 1

I learned somewhere around chapter 39 or 40 to stop comparing my book to someone else’s book.  We ALL have our own book.  My book is being written JUST FOR ME. Sometimes I slip up and start comparing, I’m human and not perfect, but I have learned to adjust my thoughts and keep turning the pages of my OWN book.

My chapter 49 will not look like your chapter 49.

My chapter 21 didn’t look like your chapter 21.

book pic 3

I am so in love with the book that is being written about my life.  It has all kinds of plot twist and surprises. I mean A LOT of surprises. This book can be a comedy, a drama or action packed.  Either way I can’t put it down.  This book has my attention every day, all day. 

Even though I am the star of this book, I have no idea what comes next.  I have made suggestions to the author but I know that His plans are so much better than mine.

I hope that my book has at least 99 chapters.  99 chapters that will keep me turning pages unable to put the book down.   

Watch out chapter 49 I can’t wait to read you!

BelindaBee pic

What is your favorite chapter?

Beewisdom-In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back- Charlie Brown