Middle Finger Up

Hello Honeybees, On Sunday I gave fear the middle finger….like Beyonce said, sort of…. “Middle finger up, tell it....fear bye” Those that are close to me know that I have a fear of heights and water.  My fear of water is not that bad. I’m only afraid of water when it comes above my waist.… Continue reading Middle Finger Up


It’s 901 in the 901

Hello Honeybees, It's September 1st in Memphis or 901 Day! I love the city of Memphis.  I love the big city with the small town feel.  Everybody knows everybody.  Everybody is related to everybody.  We all have more cousins than we know what to do with. You know, those random people that show up to… Continue reading It’s 901 in the 901


Bridge Builder For A Day

Hello Honeybees, This past weekend I had a chance to experience what it feels like to be a Bridge Builder.  What is a Bridge Builder?   Well I’m glad you asked. Bridge Builders is one of the many programs offered at Bridges.  Bridges is a nonprofit that brings together diverse youth from all backgrounds across… Continue reading Bridge Builder For A Day