It’s 901 in the 901

Hello Honeybees,

It’s September 1st in Memphis or 901 Day!

I love the city of Memphis.  I love the big city with the small town feel.  Everybody knows everybody.  Everybody is related to everybody.  We all have more cousins than we know what to do with. You know, those random people that show up to the family reunion that no one can really place.  We all have them….if you don’t then YOU might be that person.

I love the neighborhood pride. I love that Orange Mound is a city within a city. I love that no one can tell me exactly where South Memphis starts and stops.  Believe me it changes depending on who you ask.

I love the high school pride. I’m not even gonna get into who was or is the best. Nope, not touching that one with a ten foot pole.

901 Day

I love the food. Nope, I’m not a big barbque fan but there are so many other good eats to be had in Memphis.  Fried chicken and Fish, Peach Cobbler, Greens, you get the picture.

I love the music. Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B…you name it we got it.

I love the friendliness of the people. I love the “yes ma’am” , “no ma’am”.  Although I try to tell young people that it’s not necessary to address me as such, I respect the fact that they still try.

I love that we have our own language…aint it mane.

I love the there are so many outdoor spaces to exercise, IF you can stand the heat. I can’t wait to get back to Shelby Farms. I still have not tried the Greenline and shame on me for that.

I love that there are so many volunteer opportunities and people actually volunteer. Memphis is such a giving city.  Put out the call and people will answer.

There are so many places in Memphis that I have yet to see and so many things that I have to do. But I know that wherever I go and whatever I do, I will find a long lost cousin who is repping their hood.  They will offer me a plate and ask where I went to high school.  This will start a long conversation. One that I will enjoy having.

I love my city!!!!

How are you celebrating 901?

BelindaBee pic

Beewisdom- This is Memphis…We GRIND here!


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