I Remember Momma

Hello Honeybees, On Sunday many of us will have the blessing of picking up the phone and calling or Face Timing our Mothers to say thank you & I love you. Some of us will say a prayer to our mothers in heaven. Many will have flowers, cards & gifts delivered. The usual of going… Continue reading I Remember Momma


Motherly Advice

Hello Honeybees, Growing up my mother always told me to buy myself something out of every paycheck. It didn’t have to be anything expensive or over the top but something. "A tube of lipstick or pair of panties" Her exact words not mine. Her thought process was that you deserve to reward yourself for all… Continue reading Motherly Advice


How I Spent Mother’s Day

Hello Honeybees, Yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day that always brings & leaves me with mixed feelings. This picture on Mishia's social media feed adequately summed up my feelings. Because I am a mother I am happy to participate in & celebrate the day set aside just for us. It’s nice to be appreciated for… Continue reading How I Spent Mother’s Day