How I Spent Mother’s Day

Hello Honeybees,

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day that always brings & leaves me with mixed feelings. This picture on Mishia’s social media feed adequately summed up my feelings.

Because I am a mother I am happy to participate in & celebrate the day set aside just for us. It’s nice to be appreciated for all of the hard but more than worth it work that goes into raising child. It’s a job that never ends, no matter how many candles are on your child’s birthday cake.

But Mother’s Day also leaves me a little sad because I am missing my mother. Losing a mom & becoming a mom so close together is still mind blowing but my mom raised a strong woman so I’m handling it.

I spent this Mother’s day keeping my hands and my mind busy. My oldest son made me breakfast. My youngest son made me lunch. I spent some time reading, cleaning my room (my mom would be proud) and working on the blog.

I don’t normally go to church on Mother’s Day because it’s crowded from all of the children who come just for Mother’s Day. The message is usually tailored for Mother’s & I really don’t want to spend the day in tears. It has been suggested that I stay off of social media to avoid all of the Mother’s Day tributes. Again I have mixed feelings. The social media doesn’t bother me that much but church will have me all in my feelings. It took a lot for my mom to miss church.

Thanks to everyone who sent a text. I am grateful to have the title of mom, mother, provider, chauffeur, chef, disciplinarian, teacher etc.

But I am also grateful to the woman that gave the title of daughter.

I hope you all honor and cherish your mothers everyday and not just her birthday and Mother’s Day. She deserves it.


Beewisdom- I believe in love at first sight because I loved my mom since I opened my eyes

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