To Have or To Listen?

Hello Honeybees,



I admit it I have been seriously slacking in taking the time to read. Taking the time to actually sit down with a REAL book in my hand.

I love to read, always have thanks to my mother. I’m fortunate enough to have passed the love of books down to one of my sons. But finding, NO making, the time to sit still and read a book has been really hard for me lately. Whether it’s an actual book or an ebook sitting still is rough.

I prefer an actual book to an ebook but lately I’ve been listening to books. I use the Libby app. It’s a free app that lets you check out books as long as you have a valid library card, from any library system that is participating. You can check out a book electronically to read or to listen. I don’t have the space in my home to store a lot of books so Libby is a good option for me.

I read my forever First Lady’s, Becoming Michelle Obama when it first hit the shelves but I also wanted to hear her read it. I wanted to hear the emotion in her voice on certain parts. The book itself was a long read and the audio was a long listen, but I did it and I’m glad I did. It was worth it. Hearing the author read their words is a worthwhile  experience.

Not every book is available on audio which is the biggest drawback. Also just like the regular library your book may not be available. You can put it on hold and it will pop into your “shelf” when it’s available. You have 21 days to listen. I like to listen when I’m cooking or cleaning and when I at work, especially when I’m working with numbers.


I am challenging myself to read or listen to at least 24 books this year. So far I’m at 3! Some have been short but that’s okay, I’m expanding my genres this year to include a little of everything. Follow me on IG to keep up. Also, if a book really moves me I’ll do a review here on the blog.

Drop me some suggestions of a few good books in the comments and I’ll add them to my library.

Beewisdom- “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

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