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Spring, Is That You?

Hello Honeybees,

It seems like January took a long time to move out and February played the “I don’t know what season it is” game. I am so over cold weather. I am over wet weather.

Cold weather really makes me hibernate but I am committed to getting out. I need all the God given vitamin D that I can get.

Memphis usually gets snow in February so the January snow this year threw me off. The back & forth weather of February was enough to keep people sick, especially during this horrible flu season. The winds are enough to keep me looking like an old lady with a scarf wrapped around my head to cover my ears. But I found a way to keep the wind out and stay stylist.

As we venture into March it really is starting to feel like Spring in Memphis. We are still dealing with some rain and wind and some chilly days.  It’s kind of hard to know how to dress but of course we figure it out. To help prepare for Spring I have linked up with some of my favorite local bloggers to share some Spring looks.  Bianca at Curvaceouslybee, Ashley at Big World Huge Style, Chasity at Sweat In Mascara, Sherill at Sherill SMILEs, Desire at Mocha Divas , Faith at Faithfully Yours, and Almetria at Fit and Finally Free. Hop over to their blogs to see what they are wearing for Spring. We are sharing Spring trends all month long. Make sure you follow all our blogs so don’t miss anything.


Shirt- Mens Izod-Goodwill, Pants-Old Navy, Jacket- Harolds-Goodwill, Shoes-Nine West, TJMaxx, Head wrap-Thrifted


I can’t wait until Spring when I don’t have to bundle up to go out. I can’t wait to feel the warm breeze of Spring and sun on my skin.

So Spring please come quick and stay awhile

Beewisdom-In winter I plot and plan. In spring I move

Respect YOUR Journey

Hello Honeybees,

Have you looked at someone you deemed successful and thought….. How did they do it?  You’re thinking, wow that was quick or they became an “overnight” success. Yep, I’m raising my hand because I am totally guilty of these thoughts. Who wouldn’t want to be an “overnight success”. But when you take the time to dig a little deeper and yes you must dig deeper, you find that there is rarely an overnight success story.

In fact, most overnight successes can take an average of 7-10 years or more

That’s at least 7-10 years of being in the game.

Being consistent.

Working hard, even when no one is watching.

Sometimes its late nights & early mornings.

It could be missing out on some hang time with friends.

Whatever the case may be if you want to be successful you have to do the work and put in the time. The journey can be long and hard but if you want it bad enough you will do what needs to be done.


Your success doesn’t have to look like someone else’s success. Your success looks like YOU.

Top: GAP- MidSouth Outlet Thrift    Pants: Merona –Target   Shoes: Tahari – TJ Maxx   Necklace: Target   Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6- Amazon
Photos: Sherill

Beewisdom- People think I’m an overnight success. No. It’s just that you all found me overnight- Leslie Jones

Thrifting With A Diva

Hello Honeybees,

The day after Christmas most people hit the stores for the after Christmas sales. It’s the best time to stock up for all things Christmas for next year. This year I decided to go thrifting instead. I had it all planned out but when I woke up on December 26th the temperature was 31 degrees. That made me change my mind or so I thought… I posted my dilemma on Facebook and my favorite thrifting diva @divinedivastyle heard the call and got me out of the house.

We met at Mid-South Outlet.  Goodwill is usually my go to thrift store but Mid-South Outlet is closer.

All yellow tag items were 50% off so we were on the hunt for those first. Of course the first 3 items that I picked up did NOT have yellow tags but that didn’t stop me.


When shopping at Mid-South Outlet be aware that they do NOT have dressing rooms & once you buy it it’s yours. For stores like this it’s important to shop in the right clothes.  A fitted tee, leggings and slip on shoes if possible & a small cross body bag to hold your phone, money & keys, that way you can try things on over your clothes. You won’t get a true fit but you will have a pretty good idea if it’s something that you can work with.  The aisles are also tight they have these baskets to help.

There were some treasures that we left behind because they either didn’t fit or they were out of budget. YES, we had a budget.

Yes this is a real Lilly Pulitzer size 4.

My limit for today’s trip was $20 and I stayed UNDER budget. I purchased 5 items. 1 skirt, 2 tops and 2 pants. My total…..$17.38.

I’ll share my haul in future post.

Thanks @divinedivastyle for being my thrift shopping buddy.

Beewisdom- Thou shalt not pay retail!


Hello Honeybees,

2018 is right around the corner are you ready? What goals have you set for the new year?

Since 2014 I pick a word that guides me throughout the year. When choosing a word I am very careful because I want to set the right intention. So far I’ve used…Peace, Brave, Manifest and last year Opportunity. All of these words have in fact had an impact on the year that I used them. The year that I was brave saw me end a very important relationship (still trying to figure out how to write that post). 2017 brought me numerous Opportunities both in my career & personal life, even as late as last week. There have been plenty of opportunities this year for me to step outside of my comfort zone and to make moves towards my next level.


The word for 2018 is…….


Verb– (of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a

healthy or vigorous way, especially as

the result of a particularly favorable environment.


Noun– a bold or extravagant gesture or action, made especially to attract the

attention of others


I am ready to grow in all areas of my life.  I am ready to make the right moves to attract the right attention, especially with the blog.

Let’s FLOURISH together in 2018!

Skirt- Mossimo (Goodwill)
Jacket- NY& Company (Goodwill)
Top- Ann Taylor (Goodwill)
Booties- Impo (TJ Maxx)

Beewisdom-  When the vision is clear, the results will appear. Keep your mindset positive as you work your plan, flourish, and always remember why you started.  Germany Kent

Thrift Tips

Hello Honeybees,

This year I have been really frugal with my coins when it comes to shopping.  Now that’s not to say that I haven’t bought anything but I’ve just been very purposeful in what I buy.  To ease my shopping urges….I thrift.

IMG_3390 (2)

This #OOTD was under $15

Tank – Target on clearance $3

Matching Skirt & Sweater- Goodwill $7.50

Necklace- Outlet Mall Destin, FL $3

IMG_3398 (2)

Here are some of MY favorite thrifting tips.

These tips make thrifting a fun shopping experience

I shop in the men’s section for shirts & sweaters

  • Don’t only shop in your size. Things will get all mixed up so shop the whole section, shop the whole store.
  • I shop year round. Yes I buy sweaters in July & tank tops in December.
  • If you see something you like put it in your cart, it will be gone if you don’t. Believe it or not people watch each other.
  • First, know your brands…Some brands I will not thrift. Mainly because I still don’t think it’s worth it and because it was probably on clearance at some point for cheaper than what I’m paying.  Also, how much longer will it hold up?
  • Second, know your brands…some designer brands will automatically grab my attention. If it’s a good brand, I know that it has the potential to last.  This is definitely quality or quantity.
  • Shop during off hours. I like to shop during the week when the store first opens.  There is less traffic and more room to move around.
  • Patience is a virtue. Take your time.
  • Dress for the occasion. T shirt & leggings are a must & slip on shoes.  My naked feet can NOT touch the floor.  And not all stores have dressing rooms so you might have to try on in the aisles.
  • I TRY to have a list but I’m not good at sticking to it. A piece really has to move me for me to buy it.
  • If it doesn’t fit…walk away. If you know that you are NOT good at getting things tailored or mended don’t buy it.  (raises hand)  You’ll just have more clutter in your closet.
  • This should be a given but…. WASH BEFORE YOU WEAR

Belinda Bee pic

Where do you like to thrift?

Beewisdom-   Thrifting: An Economical way to find fashion treasures

Photo credit: Nikki Gibbs

Hello Honeybees,August Thrift 5Monday was National Thrift Shop Day.

To honor National Thrift Shop Day  I’m doing my first thrift store post.

August Thrift 3

August Thrift 2

August Thrift 1Have a conversation with me and you will learn quickly of my love for thrifting.  It really amazes me how many people I meet actually like to thrift.  Some for the thrill of the hunt and some for the bargain.

ME..I do it for both.  

This very casual outfit cost a total of $10… necklace and shoes included.  All thrifted items purchased at Goodwill (Winchester/Riverdale)

Chambray Top- Old Navy $3.99

Floral Skirt-Isaac Mizrahi for Target $4.99

Shoes-Nike $0 (a gift from my days working at the Swoosh)

Necklace-Pink $1

Stay tuned to the blog and you will get a chance to see some of my thrifty finds.

Belinda Bee pic

Do you like to thrift?  What are some of your favorite thrift stores? 

Beewisdom- I’m gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket- Thrift Shop

Photo credit:Nikki Gibbs