Thrifting With A Diva

Hello Honeybees,

The day after Christmas most people hit the stores for the after Christmas sales. It’s the best time to stock up for all things Christmas for next year. This year I decided to go thrifting instead. I had it all planned out but when I woke up on December 26th the temperature was 31 degrees. That made me change my mind or so I thought… I posted my dilemma on Facebook and my favorite thrifting diva @divinedivastyle heard the call and got me out of the house.

We met at Mid-South Outlet.  Goodwill is usually my go to thrift store but Mid-South Outlet is closer.

All yellow tag items were 50% off so we were on the hunt for those first. Of course the first 3 items that I picked up did NOT have yellow tags but that didn’t stop me.


When shopping at Mid-South Outlet be aware that they do NOT have dressing rooms & once you buy it it’s yours. For stores like this it’s important to shop in the right clothes.  A fitted tee, leggings and slip on shoes if possible & a small cross body bag to hold your phone, money & keys, that way you can try things on over your clothes. You won’t get a true fit but you will have a pretty good idea if it’s something that you can work with.  The aisles are also tight they have these baskets to help.

There were some treasures that we left behind because they either didn’t fit or they were out of budget. YES, we had a budget.

Yes this is a real Lilly Pulitzer size 4.

My limit for today’s trip was $20 and I stayed UNDER budget. I purchased 5 items. 1 skirt, 2 tops and 2 pants. My total…..$17.38.

I’ll share my haul in future post.

Thanks @divinedivastyle for being my thrift shopping buddy.

Beewisdom- Thou shalt not pay retail!

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