Respect YOUR Journey

Hello Honeybees,

Have you looked at someone you deemed successful and thought….. How did they do it?  You’re thinking, wow that was quick or they became an “overnight” success. Yep, I’m raising my hand because I am totally guilty of these thoughts. Who wouldn’t want to be an “overnight success”. But when you take the time to dig a little deeper and yes you must dig deeper, you find that there is rarely an overnight success story.

In fact, most overnight successes can take an average of 7-10 years or more

That’s at least 7-10 years of being in the game.

Being consistent.

Working hard, even when no one is watching.

Sometimes its late nights & early mornings.

It could be missing out on some hang time with friends.

Whatever the case may be if you want to be successful you have to do the work and put in the time. The journey can be long and hard but if you want it bad enough you will do what needs to be done.


Your success doesn’t have to look like someone else’s success. Your success looks like YOU.

Top: GAP- MidSouth Outlet Thrift    Pants: Merona –Target   Shoes: Tahari – TJ Maxx   Necklace: Target   Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6- Amazon
Photos: Sherill

Beewisdom- People think I’m an overnight success. No. It’s just that you all found me overnight- Leslie Jones

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