You Got It Girl!

Hello Honeybees,
Imposter syndrome is real. You would think that at 52 I would be past it but sometimes it still rears it’s ugly head. The good thing about this time is that God sent me encouragement immediately.
Picture it middle of a pandemic 2020. I am asked to do a Facebook Live by an organization (Beautiful Spirited Women) that I admire about my blogging experience. My first thought was why me? My blog doesn’t have big numbers, there are more qualified people out there that could do this. My second thought was I’ve never done a Facebook Live and these internet streets aint loyal. ALL of THE excuses. But instantly God started sending the encouragement. An on time word from Myleik’s stories & my bible plan verse for the day. I asked God for these types of opportunities and bam here you go.


Then I saw another post from someone offering blogging advice and thought if she can do it so can I. This wasn’t meant as a ding to someone else but it gave me the push to say look at her stepping out there, letting nothing hold her back. It inspired me to just do it.
I think back to another time when I was asked to speak about blogging and I turned it down because I didn’t feel “worthy”. I even recommended some other people to do it. That moment has stuck with me because I look back at that moment as giving up. Let me just say, that will not happen again. I asked and God answered and I threw it back. Now we all know that’s now how this should work. I should stand tall, especially in answered prayers. It was a lesson learned and one that I won’t forget.

Hopefully I will be asked to do more things that are outside of my comfort zone and I will accept with courage. Because as my shirt says…. Girl You Got This!

Beewisdom- You Got It Girl- Chris Brown
Tshirt – Mess In A Bottle

6 thoughts on “You Got It Girl!

  1. This very thing happened to me in April, I had the same thoughts you described here about the very thing I prayed for but there I was questioning! Then some encouragement came that simply told me that, “no one is coming to say what I have to say” and she was “write” right! lol, I was the featured speaker and had written my own material!
    I have a saying on the wall – You Got This!
    ~yes we do!
    Thanks for the read – 🌟


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