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Advice To A Younger Honeybee

Hello Honeybees,

If you follow me on IG you know that I attended Karleen Roy’s inaugural Owning The Block event. I enjoyed seeing Memphis come together to support one of its own. The guest for the event was Myleik Teele. SN: Myleik has been on my vision board for a few years & I got to meet her & of course take a picture.

During the event Karleen asked Myleik what advice she would to her 20 year old self. It got me to thinking about what I would tell my 20 year old self. Before my 20’s were over I was a married college graduate working in corporate America.

If there were some words of wisdom that I would give to a younger Honeybee it would start with this:

Although you took the long route to graduation you did it. Don’t hold on to the fact that it took you longer, celebrate the joy that you finished. In taking that long route in college keep going and get that Masters degree. Don’t let 20 years go by.

Live on your own before you get married. You went from your mother to your husband. You needed the time on your own to mature just a little bit more. You needed the time to learn to stand on your own two feet.

Travel, go see the world! I mean the WORLD! Leave the USA and enjoy yourself.

Save, Save, Save and Save some more. Yes you were wise to get in your 401k in your 20’s but you need to save a little more on the side. You need to get in the habit of saving.

Embrace that “skinny” women that you are and don’t listen to the haters. You look good just the way you are. One day you’ll wish that you were still trying to gain weight. Get in the habit of exercising so that it becomes a way of life.

Finally, GO FOR IT!!! You wanted to work in corporate communications but when you had the opportunity to meet with the bank president one on one you didn’t capitalize on it because you didn’t know how. Find a mentor, they could’ve helped you navigate this better.

I’m thankful for the lessons that I learned in my 20’s because they helped to shape the future me and I actually did LEARN something.

One day I’ll share what I would tell my 30 year old self because those years were truly pivotal.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Leave me a comment below.

Beewisdom- Remember yourself as a little girl, she is counting on you to protect her.


3 Lessons Learned In March

Hello Honeybees,

Spring has finally sprung!  Although it is an allergy nightmare I’m enjoying the nice weather. It will be hot soon enough. As we move into this new season I’m sharing the lessons that I learned in March.

Lesson 1

Life moves on with or without you.

Do you realize that Q1 is gone?  Remember the goals you set for 2017, yeah those…. Where are you? What have you accomplished?  You do realize that YOU have to put in the work. It’s not too late to start but you must start. Starting can be hard. The first step is always the hardest but if you want it is bad enough you will press go.

We have 3 more quarters to go..in my MARTIN voice….”Get ta steppin”

Lesson 2

Surround yourself with young minds.

It makes my heart happy when young women, the 30 somethings, think that I am close to their age.  This happens all the time and it makes me smile EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I love being around younger people. They challenge my thought process and they keep me in the know about what is happening. They inspire me to do more and be better. They make me feel that it’s never too late. Age is both mental and physical.

Lesson 3

Don’t believe the social media hype.

I know you’ve heard the saying “Everyone is not who they POST to be”.  We are human & we always want to show our best side. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your page, wall, pic etc. It’s your right to pick and choose what you share. On the flip side, for those that are following it’s up to you to not buy into the hype. It’s ok to take some inspiration from your social media friends but it’s not ok to compare yourself to them. You are You and you should be the best you that you can be.


What did you learn in March?


Beewisdom- I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn- Maya Angelou

4 Lessons Learned in February

Hello Honeybees,

Last month I shared the lessons I learned in the month of January . Well I’m still learning and here are the lessons that I learned in February.

Lesson 1:

Your tribe is important

I have always known this but for 24 hours towards the end of the month I was in #Blackgirlmagic heaven. I spent Friday night happy hour with my high school tribe.  Our graduating class was small, 54 total I think, so it’s not unusual that lifetime bonds were formed.  Taking the time to actually sit still and enjoy a drink and a meal was just what we all needed. Saturday I had brunch with a new tribe. Getting like-minded women together to share, inspire, uplift and encourage one another is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Girl, get you a tribe!


Lesson 2:

Don’t be shy about promoting yourself

It’s not easy for me to promote myself. I always feel a little, NO a lot of, awkwardness when I’m saying “look at me, look at me”! You would think that in order to blog & put myself out there that I wouldn’t have an issue with self-promotion. Believe me I am working SO HARD to move past this.  In order for me to take my blog to a certain level I’m going to have to be the first person to say “Look at me”. So if you get tired of seeing me or hearing about me…….that means I’m doing it right.



Lesson 3:

Reading is fundamental

People, people, people…. PLEASE pick up a book!!!  It won’t bite, I promise you.  Try it…you might learn something.  Enough said.



Lesson 4:

Millennials, I truly love you guys but you WEAR. ME. OUT!

I say this jokingly but in all seriousness, they really do make me tired.  I truly enjoy the go getter spirit, ready to change the world, full of unique ideas, ready to get things done like yesterday. I do love it and them but man they make my head spin sometimes.  Millennials…it’s ok to stop & think before you act.  It’s ok to ask someone that has been there & done that. It’s ok that you didn’t that promotion in 6 weeks….who knows what week 7 has waiting for you.  Chill for a minute…please!!


Bet you can’t wait for what happens in March

BelindaBee pic

Beewisdom- “It is not so much about what life hands you,                                                                                       but what you do with what you get.” –  Idowu Koyenikan