Q1 2020

Hello Honeybees,
Well it’s the end of Q1 and if you thought that this is how it would end then I need you to pick some lottery numbers for me. Cause we gonna be rich. Q1 was actually pretty good until it wasn’t.
Here is a quick highlight of what happened:
Gave up sugar/sweets for Lent. My skin is saying “what took you so long”. I also started meal prepping which saved me a lot of money & time. Ironic that now we are encouraged to go eat out (curbside pickups) to help support local restaurants.

I also signed up to be a mentor at a middle school. It’s something that has been on my vision board for two years. I always thought that I would mentor older children but I follow the signs. Hate that it got cut short. I was so ready for this.
I won two Instagram contest! Both from black Women entrepreneurs. I also intentionally supported some black businesses. This is a big goal of mine for 2020. Attended my first Mardi Gras ball (first trip to NOLA), spent a weekend in Chicago and an overnight in NOLA (to pick up my son).
Had my first three figure brand deal. According to the equation I should’ve only asked for a low two figures. This was a case of knowing your worth.
Spent some quality time with my girls. We started the year off with breakfast and finished the quarter with an impromptu Sunday potluck.
I can’t forget my three blogger events. Met some new ladies at the Blogger Xchange Galentines Day mixer and right before the shutdown did a Power40 class with my blogger boo Desiree @mochadivas at the Y. And I got to hang out with Elvis to help Wendy’s launch their new breakfast menu. If you haven’t tried the potatoes you are missing out.
Whew, Q1 owes me nothing, well maybe these last few weeks. Yep, I’ll take those back. During this shelter in place I am taking the time to plan Q2. There are some personal goals that I really,really want and need to achieve and of course some blogger goals.


Prayerfully, by the end of Q2 life will be back to semi normal and goals will be crushed.


How was your Q1?
Beewisdom- “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
― Albert Einstein

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